August 31, 2008


Vogue is my favorite magazine. When this lady just got nominated for the VP candidate of the Republican party..and shocked the world, I already knew all about her..thanks to last December's VOGUE.

I remembered she was an outdoorsy Alaskan who was an ex-beauty queen... I felt proud for knowing more about her than some of her hardcore party followers like this guy and my father! (until today that is!)

I just wanted to thank Vogue for always keeping me educated about what's going on!

Grown Not Made

My favorite restaurant is also a winery...I can't get enough of it!

We've celebrated some memorable occasions here, birthdays, our engagement.. Of course when my family came over for a visit last Christmas, we all went and had a delicious lunch in the sun looking over the vines and lavender. It's included in the Millbrook Category of my Top 3 favorite places!

note: LeSueur's I didn't mean to make your pics super small, the originals aren't on this computer..long story, I'm working on being more computer literate I promise!
I love EVERYTHING about the interior..those leather club chairs and the exposed beams!! It's simple, rustic, and totally comfortable.

I want to put my yo-yo's in this gorgeous dome!!

You can barely see it, but there is snow on the tops of those mountains in the background, and there Tim is in short the weather too!
August 29, 2008

Twinkle Toes

Ever tried Foot Reflexology? Living in Singapore and trips to Asia for 9 years, and can you believe I've never had it once? Two days ago Robyn and I went here, and instead of having a massage, I got talked into trying reflexology by a sweet Aussie named Danielle.
I reluctantly said sure, I guess it might be a good idea. After all, I'm headed for a lot of walking in the next few months..I could go for a good ole foot rub. As soon as she started, I thought...such a mistake, I can't believe I passed up a massage for this nonsense!

My right foot felt great, not sore..really nice, it was relaxing, I almost fell asleep. As soon as she got to my left foot the trouble started.. My third toe was so sore I almost yelped. She said, hum, interesting... WHY I asked? She said, do you have problems with your hearing or sight? I don't wear glasses..I guess I have trouble listening to my husband sometimes? But overall no... Then she asked, what about your career?? Ooo...uh oh, eeekk! I thought... Yes, moving back to America, moving to a city that I've never lived in before, embarking on a huge adventure to start my own could say my career is in jeopardy. It's basically non existent, just a few ideas which sound good to me that live in my head. I've heard the sentence, "You live in a dream world" a lot...

After explaining some of these career issues and dramas to Danielle, (she truly is a beauty therapist) she moved down the left side of my left foot..boy that was sore too. She said, that sore area on my foot was my spleen and large intestine, right where we hold our 'personal power'. She said based on my move, traveling, non existent career, it would make sense that Manipura Chakra was out of whack. Geez Louise....
The reason my right foot felt fine was because it holds my previous lives, and past (so Danielle says). My left foot is my current life and my future. So, thank you to Mom & Dad for the wonderful past that has left my right foot feeling great! Danielle suggested I wear yellow and bathe in a yellow bath to help nourish that sore left foot and aching Manipura Chakra. Good thing back in the locker room was my favorite J. Crew mustard yellow cashmere cardi! Funny enough yellow is my favorite color!

So...Robyn and I headed straight into town this afternoon and purchased this for a whopping $10...

Already feeling better...and I'm totally going for Round 2 of Reflexology at Holland Village in Singapore next week!

Vudu. who do? Vudu! You DO?

I'm going to miss NZ cafes SO much. It's so nice to be able to get delicious trim cappuccino in the smallest and most 'po-dunk' of towns. When I'm in Houston I'll probably have to start drinking coffee from gas stations like everyone else. HELP!

We've been to Vudu just about everyday since we've been in Queenstown. Robyn and I went twice yesterday...I think I need to get a wig before we go back again, gets a bit embarrassing when you're obsessed like me. I've become crazy about these cookies called Yo-Yos.

Note: Mom, can you start searching for custard powder in international foodstores in Houston for me? I'm already planning on making yo-yo's in the shapes of hearts for Valentines day..and you need some British ingredient called custard powder to make them!! xxx
August 28, 2008

Daffodil Day

Today is Daffodil Day, every year the New Zealand Cancer Society raises money for cancer patients and their families on this day. I love Daffodils and the sweet cheerful faces, I hope today's fundraising campaign is a success!!As you can see we're reading up on Malaysia...we arrive into Singapore on Tuesday night, and head up through Malaysia the following week via bus or train...we have nothing booked yet!! Millbrook has been superb, but I'm looking forward to the Tiger, Roti Prata, and beach!!

Lions & Tigers & Elephants?

Speaking of Courtney, she also wrote about these amazing leather animal footstools. They are so much fun, I love the elephant. One of my favorite shops in New Zealand carries them...

When I was there last week I had to snap a few pictures of them for her, (and myself!). These guys are born in the UK, since we'll be there around Christmas time, we might adopt one or two as a souvenir..or first pet.

Runaway Girl

My online friend Courtney, who I'll hopefully meet in real life when I land in Houston, wrote recently here about the talented fashion designer from New Zealand, Karen Walker. That reminded me about her gorgeous range of paint colors for Resene.
It also reminded me about how much I love this necklace, and its name... it's called, Runaway Girl
August 26, 2008

Top 3

On our drive down to Millbrook the other day I told Tim that Millbrook is in my top 3 favorite places in the world..which inspired this post...

Top 3 favorite places, (in no particular order):

Millbrook Resort: Queenstown, NZ

We've been here all week with Robyn & Leo, hiking, golf, massages, foot refelxology, wine, shopping, yoga,'s been heaven on earth!

Lake Verret, Louisiana

Paris, France

Apologies... I don't have many of my own pictures of Paris on my computer, my time there was pre-digital...hopefully I'll be snapping away when we're there in December!

August 25, 2008

Getcha Mojo On

If you're ever passing through Wellington, pop in this ultra cool cafe for a cup of MOJO. I love every bit...

note: Chris & El, this post was not meant to make you homesick or jealous in any way..we'll find Dubai's version of Mojo in November ...xxxx
August 14, 2008

Wellington on a Good Day

We spent last week in was beautiful all week, boy did we luck out! Tim's family always says, "you can't beat Wellington on a good day"...and I finally found out that they were right! Most of the time, Wellington looks like this:

I always spend the 45 minute flight to Wellington saying about a million 'Our Fathers' and trying to wipe my hands which sweat bullets. My flight anxiety comes out in full force on those teeny-tiny-bumpy, about to crash in Wellington harbor flights.


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