September 30, 2008

Change of Plans

My husband is a big fat P (perception) know, from the Myers-Briggs personality tests. P's are usually flexible, open, adaptable and spontaneous. I'm a J (judgment), we are structured, decided, organized and scheduled. My whole family are J's. We make plans, and we stick to them. Not my darling husband Tim..he loves to change a plan at the very last minute. So that we did. We were supposed to fly to Delhi tomorrow..but we're going to Bali instead!

We're going to hang out with our friends Jon, Kaelen and Melissa, who are all living in a house, having a good time in Bali. They are so much fun...we just can't resist not spending more time with them!
These pictures are proof that we go a little wild and crazy when we're together..and things get blurry!

So, next time I'll be writing you will be from beautiful BALI!

And we'll try to behave...but we're not promising anything!!!

Formula 1

Not a big fan of F1. I pretty much didn't even know what it was, but it was held in Singapore this past weekend..and was aparently a big deal!

We were invited to this F1 party as friends of a friend who had a friend who was throwing a party... we went and it was AMAZING.

It was on Nassim Road. And for those of you who are familiar with equals gargantuan mansions on the most beautiful street in Singapore. As we were walking up, I saw a new complex being built called Nassim Park. The designer, one of my faves, Christian Liagre...Tim had to tell me to stop drooling and keep walking.

My photos are rubbish, but basically we could see the race from the street..because it was projected on like a 3 story guest house.

I'm a fan now! Just goes to show you, being surrounded by a beautiful pool, guesthouse, tropical can be a fan of anything! (oh, and great company too!)

Fishey Toes

Our dear friend Ms. Carroll who we're staying with in Singapore took me to get a pedicure on Sunday afternoon. It was the kookiest place, there are fish there to nibble on your feet before you have your treatment done! I squealed at first, it tickles and the really gnaw at you!

After a few minutes I relaxed and really enjoyed it...growing up swiming the lakes and bayous of south Louisiana really prepares you for this kinda thing!

They swarmed! My feet were in pretty rough shape after being on the road these past few weeks! And after they were remarkably soft!

Afterward we sat in these big comfy chairs and had rubs, scrubs and paraffin wax treatments! Fit for a Queen!!

I tried to pick a pretty color that I thought would match my Indian look! (Since we're supposed to go to India tomorrow..more on that later) It's a purply/pinky/raspberry kinda color..I wish I saw the name on the OPI bottle...they were just numbered there!

Calling All Satay Lovers!

We went to this HILARIOUS restaurant in Malacca called: Capitol Satay. If you like's a must-see. We had heard good things about how much fun it was, so we had to try it! For those of you who don't know what Satay is, it looks like this:

It's basically grilled meat (usually beef or chicken) on a stick, served with a peanut sauce. It's a famous Indonesian or Malaysian dish.

There was a line out the door...we had got there just in the nick of time!

So, each table has it's own propane tank, and there is a huge vat of peanut sauce in the middle of your table that boils. You go and pick veges and meat and prawns etc from this place:

Each stick was 70 Ringit cents..which is like nothing (well, it's 20 USD cents)! We laughed so hard after because we were like, how on earth did we eat $53 Ringit worth of Satay! Oh yeah, because about $35 of it was beer!

So you stick your stick in the middle of your table, which has a pot of boiling peanut sauce..and that's how you cook your dinner! Pretty fun right?! We both felt totally sick the next day, but it was worth it!


We LOVED's an artsy and historical city...with sorta a spooky vibe! We got there at night, so we walked around the streets of china town looking for a place to have dinner. The only place open was this Chicken Rice place, we thought it looked great, until we saw it was a Chicken Rice-Ball place. Sick, balls made of rice. I couldn't really deal, so we had just chicken...which was great! The streets were abandoned and there was this reddish glow from lights, kinda creepy and cool.

There were antique and second hand shops all over... I couldn't wait for daylight to come so I could get shoppin'. I LOVE rooting through any kinda market or junk I was in heaven. This place I was dying to go in..except it was closed every time we walked by. (Most of Malacca is only open on the weekends for some reason)

I wanted to buy an old bike to take back to Houston with me! Oh, and all of the tea cups...heaps of china!

Our hotel was in the middle of china town, surrounded by shop houses and temples. Walking around the same loop over and over was so much fun because there was so much to look at!

Malacca is famous for it's Portuguese and Dutch influences, these tiles line all of the streets and shops:

There are some beautiful old churches that were built during the colonial days.

This was the tomb of an old Muslim Sultan of Malacca which was just hidden behind some bushes in china town. Gotta love Lonely Planet for knowing about all of the secrets! We would have never found this, and it was so beautiful!

I love this gardener lady on her bike..she had everything from spades to soil with her!

Tim had a beard for a very brief period of time! This was after we finished our walking tour and were so hot by 3pm that we went to watch a movie!! The joys of having 'no plans'!

Overall Malacca was our favorite Malaysian destination..would totally go again and fill suitcases with junk and antiques to bring back with us as souvenirs!
September 29, 2008


This is Tim's favorite joke. Hope you enjoy....

An old Italian man (or in this case, a Kiwi guy) was walking down the street, carrying two heavy watermelons.

A guy stopped him and said, "Excuse me Mr. do you happen to have the time?".

The old man bends over and puts down the two watermelons.

And then the old man replies, "Sorry, I don'ta havea a watch"

Hahaha, get it? It's funnier when you can actually say it in a little Italian accent, which I can't really type out.

Anyway, we saw about a billion (literally..they must give them away, I don't know how on earth they'd sell that many) watermelons along the side of every road in Malaysia.

Finally I told Tim, I had to get my hands on a few. We each ate one by ourselves. It was the best watermelon I've ever tasted.

We played a lot of cards...and Tim found my favorite Little Skittles (or Lits Skits as Tim calls them) in Malaysia!

Sleepy Cerating

We worked our way down the East Coast of Malaysia to the village of Cerating. Cerating was a ghost town, no surfing without Monsoon and no eating with Ramadan = everything closed and no people.

But we enjoyed how quiet it was, especially compared to the Perhentian islands, which was packed with European tourists. Tim got to catch up on all the big English Premiership games, which I happily watched with him. After putting up with me and my bites for 5 days, the least I could do was watch some soccer!

The bourganvillas were so beautiful, even Tim kept commenting everytime we saw them!

We wanted to crash on this guy's couch: (who was a sultan or some prince of the state we heard)

The sand dollars covered the ocean floor...

These innocent looking little boys were playing with a slingshot!

Overall Cerating was a: B...we'd go back, but only in Monsoon season when all the sufers are there and competitions are going on!


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