September 8, 2008

Heaty Fruits

This was my breakfast this morning... Mango, Papaya and Coffee. Couldn't get any better than this! Mangos are my favorite, especially the Thai ones, my old hairdresser Brena from Far East Plaza used to tell me about how Mango's 'heaty' quality was good for your health.
I've never really liked Papaya...except I've always heard it was good for your digestion. I think it has the same sort of 'heaty' qualities as Mango. I need to eat Papaya since I can't pack jars of this in our backpacks.

The Carroll's amah, Mel, taught me to squirt lime juice on Papaya..and it tastes so much better..such a great tip!!When I called Miss Mendi to brag about this new little Heaty Fruit Trick I had learned, she told me she already knew about it... of course!
Here are Pudge and Muffin...they hang out with us when we have breakfast! Aren't they are the cutest and sweetest old couple!


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