October 18, 2008

Oh My God, It's Hotter Than India

Ok, we're off to Dehli tonight. We're taking the 17 hour over night train. We went to buy our train ticket from this office: (looks a little drab right?)

The lady who sold us our ticket has a daughter getting her PhD at UT in Austin. Typical right? When we told her we were moving to Houston, she replied (in a strong Indian accent) "I was there last summer, and I thought to myself, Oh my God, it's hotter than India". Eeekk! And I was complaining that it was 'blimmin' hot' here in Bombay! Yikes!

Huge news here in India right now is that this guy:

Sachin Tendulakar is the best cricketer in the world, and in the history of cricket. I guess he's hit the most runs ever, like the baseball equivalent of a Barry Bonds, not on steroids, on a worldwide scale (not just a sport played in one country).

It's a good thing my husband comes from a country that plays and knows cricket! He's using it as the ultimate bargaining tool. Every time we go to buy something, he starts praising Sachin's efforts, and the salesman immediately loves us and gives us 'better price'! Australia is here right now playing India in a 5 day cricket test match. The Indians absolutely hate the Australians, I think they hate them more than the Pakistanis, and that's pretty bad. Tim's been stooping to the lowest of the lows, pretending to be an Aussie to get some cricket banter going back and forth with every single Indian that can speak English! It's been hilarious. They love it, he loves it. I'm just looking for the next 'best price'!

Picked up this little gem for the train ride! LOVE that there is Indian Vogue! I want to get Indian Bridal magazines next!
This has nothing to do with anything..I just need to show our friends Kaelen and Jon we found the BEST brownies in India!


Double L said...

Cricket: Our American colleagues are probably asking “what the ….” So I thought I should step up to the plate and attempt to describe... When you are used to “bunts, squeezes, curveballs, sliders and slams, not to forget knuckleheads, I mean knuckleballs” then you should warm to a googly, wrong’un, chinaman and a yorker particularly while watching a maiden over. Both cricket and baseball operate on similar principles. Someone throwing a ball - pitcher in baseball and bowler in cricket - to hit a target - invisible in baseball a set of stumps (also known as wickets) in cricket –– while someone else – a batsmen in both games - wields a bat in trying to defend - the invisible target in baseball and the stumps in cricket - and at the same time aiming to score runs!
The someone throwing – pitcher in baseball and bowler in cricket – uses guile, speed, cunning and (maybe spit in cricket and hair cream in baseball) and the defender - batter in baseball and batter in cricket – aim to score as many runs as possible with the best shot being to hit the ball out of the ground – home-run in baseball and “6” in cricket, while fielders – same name in both baseball and cricket - support the thrower - remember pitcher in baseball and bowler in cricket - and can dismiss the batter (same name in baseball and cricket) by catching the ball before it hits the ground or returning it to where the batter is heading before the batter can get there. Simple ...... don’t you reckon and that’s without a 6 pack, right Joe??
Well if they are that much a like what is the difference? In cricket there are two batsmen and two bowlers operating at the same time and each blower has 6 bowls. There are two sets of wickets separated by 22 yards of turf with a batsman at each end. To score a run batsmen must cross from one end to the other(their choice). In baseball their is one batter and one pitcher and the batter will score a run when they can complete a circle and get back to where they started. In cricket the bowler tries to hit the wickets to get the batsmen out, in baseball the pitcher tries to hit the invisible zone to strike the batsmen out. In cricket fielders can be asked to bowl and bowlers can be asked to field. In baseball the pitcher either pitches or is asked to take a walk, in which case another pitcher is asked to take his place; meantime baseball fielders keep on fielding.
In cricket a batter at the sight of a raised finger will hang his head and walk to the dressing shed. A batter in baseball at the sight of a raised finger will think it’s a the bird and charge.
In cricket a game can last from a few hours to 5 days with stops for lunch and tea, when you can have pies and beer without missing any of the game. In baseball you stop for a stretch and stretch at a stop, but for pies - say hodogs and pizza's - and beer you will have to step outside while the games goes on!
Cricket grounds are all different but also alike. In cricket you can play the ball in every direction - full 360 degrees - and the ground - turf - on which the game is played has a major impact given the bowlers bounce the ball. Finally while in cricket we have ducks - some of them golden - we certainly don’t have fowls.

Meg said...

LEO! I need you as a guest blogger to teach everyone the brilliant details of cricket!! Well done!

You should have seen the mates out playing cricket this afternoon (sunday) at the huge Gate of India park in Dehli..it was great!

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