November 7, 2008

A Dubai Surprise

Late Check-In's #1 fan is my father-in-law, Leo, otherwise known as "Double L". Leo's been on the road lately for work, the usual Nigeria, Kuwait, London... and hasn't been making as many witty comments on my blog! I really missed those, so Tim and I decided to take the blog to him! We surprised Tim's parents, Robyn & Leo, in Dubai yesterday! They are in town visiting Tim's brother Chris and his darling girlfriend Eleanor who live in Dubai. We had a fun dinner out last night at a Belgium Beer Cafe. Next up today, shopping, hummus and family fun time!

Can't wait to see the Dubai sights with the best tour guides ever..the whole Lonergan gang!


mo said...

Must be nice to have some family around to take care of you for a few days!!

What is next on your list after Dubai? Denver I am sure :)

Meg said...

I know, it was SO nice Mo!!

Egypt, London..San Fran. DYING for Colorado....i am DYING to see your house and go shopping for furniture and hit nordstrom rack with you....i can't wait to see your great decorating! So creative I'm sure!!!

Emma D said...

Oh man I love Hoegaarden! I want one now!

somebody said...



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