November 14, 2008

Ski Dubai

While at the Mall of Emirates the other day, we stumbled upon the famous, "Ski Dubai". Now, I'm not a huge skier, I lived in Colorado for 5 years and hardly even hit the slopes...but I think I could manage skiing in a mall. Sure, shopping, skiing, a bit more shopping...

Here are some trendy locals that might hit the slopes later, but not before stopping by Gucci.

On second thought...I'm not so sure. This is what the "mountain" looks like from outside. The last place I've skied has been in New Zealand...I'm sorry, it might be 'the coolest thing to do in Dubai', to ski in the middle east, but the scenery just doesn't compare!

We stuck to 'just shopping' which was fine by me!!


PKD syndrome said...

I tried 'skiing' on the 'snow' there. It would have been faster and a lot more fun to just roll down the 'hill'

Meg said...

pkd syndrome? i thought you were some random scary stalker. phew, it's just you jon. i know, i wanted to go on those tubes there too..looked better than the 'skiing'! :)

somebody said...


Anonymous said...

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