January 29, 2009

Black Beauty

I'm drawn to these work spaces...





Whether it's black walls, a black desk, or black shelving, it creates a smart, sophisticated atmosphere for a home office or study.

Comforts of Home

I've been a little under the weather the past couple of days. I could easily hang out in my pj's with endless cups of tea in this room:

image found here
January 27, 2009

Tony Sly

While living in New Zealand I became familiar with a well known local potter, Tony Sly. For over 20 years he's been making hand made pieces reminiscent of French Provincial slipware. Each and every piece is hand made, all having subtle differences in shape and glazing. Through our time living there and with getting married last year, Tim and I were able to start quite a nice collection for our kitchen. I love how functional his pieces are, you can use them in the oven and dishwasher. The classic range is my favorite, some the things we've been collecting include (that pie plate is the sweetest!):

I also love the mugs, your fingers fit perfectly around the ripples, you can feel how they were made.

I just saw on his site that he's glazing the classic range in duck egg blue now! Adorable!

The rustic range is also beautiful, the glaze colors are green, mustard yellow and chestnut.

Our good family friend Sue has a gorgeous collection of the turquoise glazed pieces. These pitchers look fantastic with yellow daffodils in them!

I might have to import Tony's pottery as a part of LeSueur Interiors, what do you think? Do you think his arty kitchen-ware is ready for the American market?

January 26, 2009

365 days of OX

Today is the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Ox. Our new president was born in the year of the Ox, very auspicious indeed! Here are some festive ideas if I were hosting a little Chinese New Year soirée tonight.

I'd decorate with some mini mandarin trees. The fruit symbolizes gold coins, or wealth for the new year. If you've been invited to Chinese New Year party, bringing one of these (with a red ribbon of course) would be a darling hostess present!

photo found here

I'd serve cocktails on these little side tables, which can be used anywhere!

Guests can be entertained by playing mahjong all night long!

Since this is a pretend party, I get to have a pretend budget. I'd order this chandelier to go over the dining table, where I'd serve a buffet style Chinese dinner.I'd string these paper lantern lights all around outside!

And for favors, I'd pass on giving out Hong Bao, instead I'd send each guest away with customized fortune cookies!

Gong Xi Fai Cai!!
January 23, 2009

Hot n' Spicy in January!

For those of you having the winter blues right now, I have a solution: move to the south. Reason # 1, you get to have hot and spicy crawfish in January! A little early, but we rang in the crawfish season tonight with a spur of the moment, last minute dash out to Bayou City Seafood Restaurant in Houston. Outside of Louisiana they don't use this, but these still had my fingers burning!

January 21, 2009

Bulgari Hotel - Bali

This place is gorgeous. Tim and I drove past it on our mopeds in Bali, of course staying here is a little out of our unemployed budget. We have some good family friends who stayed here last fall....I can only imagine how spectacular it must have been!Link

Designed by the famous Antonio Citterio, the resort blends Balinese style with contemporary Italian design. The hotel is set on a 150m high cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean. The private beach is accessed by an inclined elevator.

This is the entrance to your private villa. Each villa is designed using natural lava stone walls, thatch roofs and bronze lanterns.

The entrance opens up to a Balinese courtyard and informal dining space. How gorgeous are those chairs? They are dressed to perfection!

The open air living room pavilion is the perfect place to relax after you've had too much sun. Each villa is decorated with Balinese antiques and artwork. For the boys, Bang and Olulfsen audio and video systems.

The bathroom has floor to ceiling glass overlooking the private courtyard.

You can see the ocean while you're lying in bed.

Private sun deck and plunge pool? Check!
Absolutely breathtaking! I have reason to go back to Bali!

The Gucci Edge

I just about died when I saw this Gucci ad. I love those bracelets, and I love Claire Danes! I like jewelry with an edge, but how glamorous are those colored stones? These pieces remind me of Mignon Faget's Pylon Collection. A little architectural, a little masculine, and a little edgy.
January 20, 2009


I have a thing about textiles. I love to touch them, I love embroidery, beading, crochet, anything that is hand stitched or woven. Any color combination will do! I love Ikat, even when it's not in fashion. From decorated ethnic pieces, to plain Italian linen, I love it all. Traveling all through India and the Middle East I drooled over the textiles I saw. I clicked on the front page of Jayson Home & Garden today, and it looks like this:

Lovely! I love all of those fabrics, I just want to thumb through them all! It got me thinking about the textile I brought my mom, Miss Mendi, from India. I bought it at the Dilli Haat market in New Delhi, we saw similar pieces in gift shops of the 5 star hotels for about 5 times the price. It's from Kashmir, each stitch done by hand, amazing...and it's really supposed to be a shawl. I pictured a different purpose for it, and I knew the colors were perfect for this guest room.

January 19, 2009


One of my favorite shops in India is called Anokhi...I went there twice, in Delhi and Jaipur. I just discovered they have a US website! Pretty cool. I'll show you what I got:

Place mats and napkins out of this pattern...which go with our Match china...one day we'll be able to throw little dinner parties again with our friends, and now that we're in Houston, our families can come too!

We got a quilt for our 'guest room' that looks like this:

Pretty right? We have a black iron bed that it will go folded on the end of, I think it will look inviting for all of our guests!

Anokhi is based in Jaipur, the region of Rajasthan which is known for its arts and craftsmen. Anokhi is famous for keeping the old skills and traditions alive, while supporting their artists and treating their employees well. Their textiles are made of cotton, and the patterns are designed with hand carved wooden blocks. The dyes and color they use are all made from vegetables, aren't they natural and beautiful?

Yay for America

I like this song, it reminds me of being a kid growing up in America. We've been fortunate enough to be invited to an Inauguration party tomorrow night! In Houston, Texas...who knew?

January 15, 2009

Goth Girl

My sweet, sweet friend Courtney took me to the most fabulous store today: Installations Antiques. After stalking the site for the past few months I really enjoyed getting to see all the unique European furniture, custom made light fixtures and industrial pieces in real life. Each item is masculine, gritty and totally one of a kind.

I must be a little Gothic these days because I can't stop thinking about is this mirror! Gorgeous. Love it. I think it must have come from an old church. I love old churches. I just want to smell frankincense and myrrh when I look at it. It's from the Czech Republic, been around since 1880. It's incredible...everything in the whole store made us giddy. It was a fun day!

January 14, 2009

Piece by Piece

Over the past 4 months I've collected things (each one relating to home decor) in each country we visited...piece by piece, I can see a home being put together! Of course Tim has no concept of this (and thought we had bought too many 'reminders' and 'memories'), but I created a whole guest room scheme based on one quilt we bought in Jaipur, India! This week blog readers are enjoying a sweet discount offered by Pieces through here, here and here. Since I've been pretty much living in a dream world for a while now, (I mean, decorating a non existent house while traveling through Egypt, India and Bali? Who does that?) I immediately began scouring the site looking for things to go with the quilt and other precious items that are stacked in my mother's closet! I checked out the lamps first. After all, I couldn't carry lamps in our backpacks on buses and trains. Oh how I love lamps, all of them. I love lamps made out of things. Like these:
And these:
After living in Asia for a number of years I'm naturally drawn to the Foo Dogs and Kuan Yins of this world and think they look lovely all dressed up with a shade! Just this week Miss Mendi and I dropped off some Burmese offering bowls like the one below to be made into lamps for her living room. I think they will give the room a more contemporary feel and will look fabulous with the drum shades we picked out for them. Don't worry, I'll take pictures when we get them back for you to take a look!

January 12, 2009

Lush Pad

Lush Pad is a must see site for all mid-century design lovers out there. A few things that caught my eye were:

Argyle Storage Unit
: I think it's a steal at $400!

Barcelona Chair
: The Real Thing...love the tan leather!

Acacia Stump Stool: So Simple, So Liagre!

If you hate mid-century modern and inherited some old junk from your parents or grandparents, Lush Pad is also great tool to sell your things! One persons trash is someone else's treasure!


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