January 15, 2009

Goth Girl

My sweet, sweet friend Courtney took me to the most fabulous store today: Installations Antiques. After stalking the site for the past few months I really enjoyed getting to see all the unique European furniture, custom made light fixtures and industrial pieces in real life. Each item is masculine, gritty and totally one of a kind.

I must be a little Gothic these days because I can't stop thinking about is this mirror! Gorgeous. Love it. I think it must have come from an old church. I love old churches. I just want to smell frankincense and myrrh when I look at it. It's from the Czech Republic, been around since 1880. It's incredible...everything in the whole store made us giddy. It was a fun day!


Courtney said...

You get the mirror and I'll go back for the canvas rolling rack closet. I'm seriously losing sleep over the closet AND the leather sofa.

...and I started a spreadsheet tonight taking inventory of my goods and labeling each of them as "ship," "store," or "sell." And then I have a column for "Buy" with 2 certain items listed :)

Meg said...

Buy Column! Awesome! My husband will be like, would you rather a car to drive, or a $6500 mirror? Just like your mattress... I'm sure we'll find somethings at Found next week to add to your Buy column! ;)

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