February 27, 2009

The Total Package

I love everything about this ad. The sofa, the tiles on the wall, the molding, both blouses, the colors, the pearls, the type face, and the bag. I've been carrying this ripped out piece of paper from the French magazine, Madame, ever since I found it in my hotel in Egypt back in December. You can see more gorgeous purses and ads at Pourchet.

The hotel we stayed at in Cairo, it had a very old world feel, like the ad...

Bento Box Your Desk

Japanese, Colorful, Organized, Adorable = Perfection

Cute & Sweet

My husband says that the highest honor I bestow upon anything, is the description, "Cute & Sweet". Just cute, umm...it's ok. Only sweet, not quite 100%. But if I describe something as both cute and sweet...well, that is serious praise. I'm absolutely dying to go to Japan. I was on the verge of doing the Jet program, but I moved to New Zealand for love instead. I know I'll get there one day, I'm fortunate to have a few Japanese friends who are lovely!

Anyway, anything and everything Japanese is cute and sweet. I love the food, I could never tire of sushi or miso. I love tiny, miniature things and my love affair with Hello Kitty began at an early age (not quite to the extent of Kimora Lee though). If there was a Muji in my city, I would be in serious trouble. And of course, I love the fabrics. I was too slow in getting to Target to get one of Thakoon's Shibori Print dresses....urgh!

Right now, sitting in a box, inside a bigger box, somewhere in a container, in the middle of some South Carolina dock, are about 200 pieces of vintage Kimono silk squares that I have cut, organized, and planned to sew into a quilt. It's a project I've had going on since about 2005. The fabric is delicate, each square unique, and I'm hand stitching the entire thing. Each piece has a border of off-white raw silk sewn around it. I imagine backing it in black velvet. One day it will be finished. I'm really in no rush. Obviously. Whenever my shipment shows up, I'll post some pictures. Once it's finished, probably around 2020, I'll post pictures of the final product!

This is a long winded story...all I meant to do was show you how cute and sweet Chidoriyaworld's things are! I'm dying for one of the combs...I think it might make my hair as beautiful and shiny as a Japanese womans, one can hope! The comb is made of Tsuge Boxwood, soaked in Camellia oil, doesn't it sound nice? Artisans in Osaka have carved the Chidori birds into it!

After you've combed your hair, you can tie it in a neat knot with one of these:

Glasses go here:
Coins go here:
And because all Japanese women are shop-a-holics ... a darling credit card holder:
The pieces of my quilt have all of these colors , the fabrics are retro/ikatish/shibori etc...they are amazing!

Chidoriya's World has been making beauty products, bags and accessories since 1949. They were originally made for the trend setting Geisha's and fashionista Maiko dancing girls of Kyoto. Thanks to globalization we get to enjoy them now too!
February 26, 2009

Matt IS My Hero

He's the man. He makes me laugh, smile, cry and dance all at the same time. Enjoy!

Where the hell is Matt?
February 25, 2009

Tom, Dix-on, and Bali

Ahh...remember when I saw these lights at Ku De Ta in Bali and loved them?

I'm still into them...

While I'm on the subject of Tom Dixon, I also think his version of a wing back chair is pretty neat...
And these New Cast Glass Pendants are pretty groovy...

That's all...

Cuckoo for this Clock

Made from recycled and reclaimed wood from south Louisiana homes and yes, I love it! You can buy it here from Laville Frames.


The 4 States I've lived in, in chronological order, just in case you're interested...

I think these are a little cooler than hanging up your old license plates or something...you can order them for $20 each here, I saw them here & here!
February 24, 2009

An Indian Love Affair

No, not Jamal & Latika! Me & Jeanette Farrier's throws! They are vintage sari's hand picked by Londoner Jeanette Farrier and hand quilted by women in Calcutta. The fabrics are pieced together, recycled, no doubt previously loved. Now, y'all know how I feel about a sari, and a sari border, and Indian brides...my fascination with India, and Indian textiles continues!

Aren't they gorgeous? They're heavy too. They can be used as bed throws, or table cloths. I'm so in love I wouldn't even know which color to pick!

You can buy them at Circa Trade, it's where I escape to on the internet when I'm not in Asia, and I'm homesick for the Orient. When I virtually browse, I smell teak, humidity, incense, and I hear Hindi music, mandarin and tuk tuks! It makes me want to have an entire house filled with beautiful treasures from far away lands....Go there, check it out...you'll see why!

Who's got the baby?

Happy Mardi Gras folks! Tomorrow I give up all sweets until Easter. Lent is coming, Fat Tuesday is here! My sweet Dad used to ship us King Cakes when my sister and I were in college in Colorado. Unfortunately King Cakes couldn't quite cross the pacific into New Zealand. Now that I'm living in the south again, I've had my fair share of King Cake this Mardi Gras season! Yes, for breakfast Saturday & Sunday this weekend, delicious! If you're ever in Lafayette, Louisiana... I would recommend you stopping by here:

Doesn't look like much, but their King Cakes are the best (and donut holes too)! Thanks to Lent I might be able to squeeze into a swimsuit for the summer! How do you celebrate before Lent? What do you sacrifice?

ps, you can order your king cake year round here!
February 23, 2009

...and the earrings were to die for!

Emerald & Black. This is one color combination trend that I love!

Images: Domino & Huffington Post
February 19, 2009

Jai Ho!

Dear Dev, Freida & Danny, and to all of the people of India,

On Sunday night, I really hope you win all of your Oscar nominations. No, I did not see every film nominated, but I loved yours. I fortunately spent some time in India recently, it was magical. Your film captured the sounds, sights, color and excitement of India to perfection. Not to mention the fun song and dance at the end, the best part! After the horrific Mumbai bombings, I feel like Bollywood, Bombay and the people of India could use the fame and recognition of that little gold man. So here's to you! Best of luck, my fingers are crossed!

Your #1 fan,


Ps, 'Jai ho' means "May you win". Perfect! Listen to this song, get up out of your chair, smile, sing, have a little dance, it will make you feel good.

Kate Spade makes sore throats go away...

I'm feeling sick, again! How did this happen? A sweet friend of mine in Boston sent me the link to these bracelets as a cheer-me-up! Jewelry makes everything better. Especially colorful, chunky, perfect-with-a-sundress bracelets! Who's ready for winter bugs to go away and summer sunshine to hurry up? I'm not sure what is prettier? The bracelet or the packaging!
February 17, 2009

Rockin' Lady

I fortunately lived in Paris for an unfortunately short period of time, really there is never enough time for Paris. Lately everyone has been wanting to dress like the French. Yep, Parisian women are pretty fabulous and are known for their effortless style. Browsing through Jill Stuart's gorgeous Fall 2009 ready to wear collection has made me want to move back to Paris and live there forever. Why? The clothes look like Paris. They remind me of Paris. They take me back. I've been dreaming since I saw them. American designed, made for living in Paris!

I love the mostly all black and monochromatic tones. I love the 'naughty but nice' juxtaposition. I love the masculine fedoras, rocker chick jackets mixed with skin tight lace and ruffled skirts. They are sophisticated but flirty. I could wear them forever, while living in Paris forever. Yep, I'd walk down my 74 stairs to my boulangerie for a pain au chocolat in these clothes. I'd pop into the Sephora on the corner of my Metro stop for a little treat, in these clothes. I'd wander around the Tour Eiffel and watch the brides being photographed in these clothes. I'd spend a sunny afternoon at Musée Rodin in these clothes. I'd buy an old painting in an alleyway of Monmontre in these clothes. I'd drink endless cappuccinos in the Marais in these clothes. I'd spin, twirl and dance in Sainte-Chappelle in these clothes. I'd dig around at a marche aux puces in these clothes. I'd pretty much eat, drink, live and sleep in these clothes.

Ok, I'm finished dreaming, a little exhausted, in the mood to look up fantasy flights to Paris. If you're planning on going to Paris anytime soon, don't tell me because I'd get too jealous and then feel bad...thanks!

February 16, 2009

Jungle Fever

Something about having lived in a tropical Asian country has made me love being surrounded by plants and exotic foliage! Talk about living green!

February 14, 2009

Hearts and Kisses

Love is Everywhere, Happy Valentines Day!
xxxx Meg

Images: here
February 13, 2009

One of My Faves

Those flowers look like a perfect little Valentines Day posey to me!
February 12, 2009

A Glittery Way to Say I Love You!

I made these little cookies this Valentines Day for our loved ones! They are very very similar to that "Yo-Yo" cookie of New Zealand!

For cookies:
1 1/3 cups all-purpose flour
2/3 cup cornstarch
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 sticks unsalted butter, softened
1/2 cup confectioners sugar
1 tablespoon grated lemon zest
1 teaspoon vanilla
White or colored sanding sugars
For filling:
1 cup confectioners sugar
1 tablespoon grated lemon zest
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
2 tablespoons light corn syrup
1/2 stick unsalted butter, softened
a heavy-duty sealable bag
Preheat oven to 350°F with rack in middle. Line 2 large baking sheets with parchment paper.
Whisk together flour, cornstarch, and salt.
Beat together butter and confectioners sugar with an electric mixer until pale and fluffy, then beat in zest and vanilla. At low speed, mix in flour mixture just until a soft dough forms.
Put sanding sugars in different bowls. Roll a scant tsp of dough into a ball and drop into sugar, turning to coat. Reshape if necessary and transfer to a baking sheet. Repeat, spacing balls 3/4 inch apart, until baking sheet is filled.
Bake until tops are slightly cracked but still pale (bottoms will be pale golden), 12 to 15 minutes. Transfer cookies on parchment to a rack to cool completely.
Form and bake more cookies on second baking sheet.
Make filling and sandwich cookies:
Beat together all filling ingredients in a large bowl with an electric mixer at medium speed until combined well. Transfer to sealable bag and snip off a corner.
Turn over half of cookies and pipe about 1/2 tsp filling on flat side of each. Sandwich with remaining cookies, pressing gently.

Highly recommended!

February 10, 2009

Flight of the Conchords.

Have you seen this show on HBO? This is what it is about:

Flight of the Conchords follows the trials and tribulations of a two man, digi-folk band from New Zealand as they try to make a name for themselves in their adopted home of New York City. The band is made up of Bret McKenzie on guitar and vocals, and Jemaine Clement on guitar and vocals.
Bret and Jemaine have moved to New York in the hope of forging a successful music career. So far they've managed to find a manager (whose "other" job is at the New Zealand Consulate), one fan (a married obsessive) and one friend (who owns the local pawn shop) -- but not much else.

Anyway, It's hilarious. I love it. But then again, I totally get it. My husband Tim is from New Zealand and I lived there for 2 1/2 years. So I understand all of the little odd words, phrases and pronunciation that they use. Tim's cousin Matt has the same voice as Jemaine. That Wellington accent is distinct, and it makes me laugh. This show is insanely popular here in American and I'm totally at a loss as to why, because I'm not sure all Americans even understand the little "kiwi" jokes thrown in here and there. Tickets to their live show in Berkeley in May is practically sold out and are selling for 3 x their normal price online. Bret & Jemaine are coming to Houston in May too....hopefully Tim will get tickets for my upcoming birthday (nothing like a little blog hinting)!

Ever since this episode aired a few weeks ago, everyone in my family has been obsessed with this song. We've been singing it and imitating the dance moves non-stop. Thank goodness for Tivo right? My sister Kate, Tim and I just played it again while we were having lunch for a good laugh! All three of us singing along and copying the moves, you can imagine how crazy!

On New Years Eve we were in New Orleans and a few people asked Tim, "Where are you from?" He would answer, "New Zealand". As soon as he got that typical quizzical and confused look, he'd reply, "You know, like Flight of the Conchords?". Nope. Sorry. No one knew that either. It was exactly like what happens in the show to Bret and Jemaine. Hilarious! We would crack up every time.

Now, yesterday I had quite the "Flight of the Conchords Experience". I was in a modern furniture store inquiring about a job position there. The manager, who was sort of interviewing me on the spot, asked me where I had moved from, since I am new to town. I said, "New Zealand, we were living there because that's where my husband is from." He then replied said, "Oh, so do you speak the language, like New Zealandic or something?" I politely said, "Nope, sure don't," and left as soon as possible. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

Readjusting to living in America has its pluses and minuses. Getting to watch Flight of the Conchords on HBO every Sunday night, huge plus. Having to answer ridiculous questions by people who have no clue, huge minus. Moral of the story, watch Flight of the Conchords and learn a little something about a little country called New Zealand, oh and it's worth it because I promise you'll laugh your head off!
February 9, 2009

A Cozy Little Place...

Or Outside:Images: here


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