February 24, 2009

An Indian Love Affair

No, not Jamal & Latika! Me & Jeanette Farrier's throws! They are vintage sari's hand picked by Londoner Jeanette Farrier and hand quilted by women in Calcutta. The fabrics are pieced together, recycled, no doubt previously loved. Now, y'all know how I feel about a sari, and a sari border, and Indian brides...my fascination with India, and Indian textiles continues!

Aren't they gorgeous? They're heavy too. They can be used as bed throws, or table cloths. I'm so in love I wouldn't even know which color to pick!

You can buy them at Circa Trade, it's where I escape to on the internet when I'm not in Asia, and I'm homesick for the Orient. When I virtually browse, I smell teak, humidity, incense, and I hear Hindi music, mandarin and tuk tuks! It makes me want to have an entire house filled with beautiful treasures from far away lands....Go there, check it out...you'll see why!


red.door.read said...

wow, these are beautiful. i love indian textiles as well.

cool blog!

Devon said...

Great resource and blog post! Hope you are well.

seesaw designs said...

so beautiful - our studio is planning an india trip for 2010 and we cannot wait!

Molls said...

Love these prints! Have you ever looked at John Robshaw's prints? You would love them!

Meg said...

Red.Door.Read, Thanks for finding me and commenting ;)

Devon, yes, finally feeling better, been so sick lately! Thanks for the comment!

Seesaw, take me with you!!! Lucky, you will love it there, it's so facinating!

Mols, Love John Robshaw, you and I think alike!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

You should check out FabIndia - http://www.fabindia.com/

They're a great Indian textiles store with some gorgeous pieces (much prettier in person than online!). I think I bought out half the store last time I was in Mumbai!

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