February 2, 2009

Is this bad?

Is it bad that when Veranda's March issue came in the mail I thought the back page looked prettier than the front cover? I have a habit of reading magazines back to front...which is how I became mesmerized by the back cover. Mmm...china, beach, french. I love it. Makes me want to live in perpetual summer!

Naturally the Jean Paul Gautier designed Hermes Ready to Wear Spring 2009 collection is just as classy and gorgeous as ' The Beautiful Escape' ad!

Is it bad I'm totally in the mood for summer already and obsessed with these clothes that will never see my closet?


Meg said...

I’m a back to front reader too- sometimes the best stuff is back there! Hope your week is off to a good start :)

Meg said...

Thanks!! It's getting better! Are you loving summer?! I want to wear these clothes in an NZ summer!!!

Meg said...

Its been beautiful here; we went on a dive trip this weekend and spent the whole time in our "togs". We hope to get back to the states in time to enjoy summer there too- wouldnt that be great, endless summer!!! Hope it starts to get warm for you soon xx

Velvet and Linen said...

It's almost 80 degrees here in Los Angeles. It feels a lot like summer. Who doesn't want summer all year around? Do I sound "Global Warming" insensitive?


Devon said...

No, it's not bad to say...because it's true. And because it made me laugh out loud!

Meg said...

My husband always says, wouldn't you rather that the world get warmer than it become increasingly cooler? AMEN to that! ;)

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