March 11, 2009

New Orleans Charm

Being from Louisiana, I was raised to appreciate a traditional decor, it's all the rage down here! Living in different places around the world I've been influenced by Asian antiques and art, European modern & designer furniture, and Australian/New Zealand simplicity. I like all looks, everything! How does one define their style when they appreciate it all?

Ever since I have seen Melissa Rufty's work featured on Style Court...I've been obsessing. Her use of color is so uplifting, inspiring and fun, I just can't get enough! She has traditional undertones, but it's unpretentious, it's comfortable. It's sophisticated, but not serious. I love it. I love that she lives in New Orleans; such a creative, inspiring, place full of personality...just like her rooms! One of her beliefs is that a room shouldn't look like everything arrived on the same day, isn't that the truth?!


Blair said...

This is definitely sophisticated use of bright colors! Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

Meg said...

Yes I agree Blair! You're welcome!

Velvet and Linen said...



Molls said...

Wow! I love all of those rooms!!

somebody said...


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