March 18, 2009

Shanghai Tang Home

Have you ever heard of Shanghai Tang? It's a clothing company out of Hong Kong, known for its exquisite tailoring and beautiful silks. They are most famous for their silk pajamas and embroidered robes. They are, "The Leading Edge of Modern Chinese Chic". Shanghai Tang is currently the only Chinese luxury brand.

I love these bracelets. Everything 'Shanghai Tang' is COLORFUL! Every time I'm in Singapore, I make sure to pop into the Shanghai Tang shop at Takashimiya for a visit. The fragrance inside the shop is divine, and the store is so inspiring. It is full of bright, happy, gorgeous colors. Each shop is vivid and rich with reds, blacks, lime green, fuchsia, turquoise and yellow.

I went to the flagship store in Hong Kong, what an experience! If you are ever in Asia, make sure you source out a Shanghai Tang, it designer Asian at its best! Not to mention you can pick up yourself an amazing souvenir! I would recommend any of the items below...

Now, right now I'm obsessing over Shanghai Tang's things for HOME. The accessories are a great way to add color to your house. The pieces are contemporary, but can be used even if big black lacquer wedding cabinets aren't your look. I have that frame above in black, but I love the yellow too!

Those candles smell amazing, and aren't they so pretty? I wouldn't even be able to throw away the box!

Mugs, lacquered boxes and beach towels! Love it all!

Finally these throw pillows are my favorite. I can see them on a black lacquer four poster bed with all white bedding...and those colorful silk lantern lamps like the ones below on the bedside tables. Lamps can be found at Asian Design House.

I'm totally into this Chinese Glam!!! Are you?


Meg said...

You've turned me into a Chinese Glam fan! I would love to visit one of their stores and see the beatuiful products and colors in person.

Meg said...

The stores are really amazing! They have one in NYC and in Vegas I think!

fromtherightbank said...

I was really impressed when I saw their store in Hong Kong. Everything in the store is gorgeous!

Meg said...

Yes, it is very impressive! Totally different from anything in the US!

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