March 25, 2009

Southern Dreams

Sometimes Tim and I day dream about maybe buying a lot in New Zealand instead of a house here in Houston. You know, just to sit on for a little while. Wouldn't that be divine? Nothing too serious, it's just one of those fun, "What if?" kinda questions to dream about and to think outside of the box a little bit. Here are a couple that have me drooling these days....

Church's Bay, Banks Peninsula - South IslandRedcliffs, Christchurch City - South Island
Lower Shotover Road, Queenstown - South Island (This one is too pretty to show only one pic) (ps, it's down the street from here)These last three are in our favorite area, Golden Bay (the north of the south island).

Ruby Cliffs, Nelson - South Island
Tasman Bay - South Island
Takaka - South Island
Ok, I'm done now. Off to my second day of work, with this end in mind!


Meg said...

now that we are leaving NZ i've started to play the same game in my mind... i would love to have a little place on waiheke!! btw, congrats on the job! what are you doing?

Jessica said...

Congrats on the job! What are you doing now? How's Tim? Is he bringing home bacon? ;) Sorry I'm so lazy to write a proper email... Send my regards to Tim :) And big hugs for you!

Meg said...

Thanks ladies :) I'll email you !! xx

Courtney said...

All of those places look so gorgeous-- I can certainly see how you all dream of buying land there! Just beautiful.

somebody said...


Raina Cox said...

That's where I used to live in Christchurch! Our house was at the tippy top of Panorama Road on Clifton Hill.

Small world.


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