June 30, 2009


I have been a long time admirer of Vincent Wolfe's work. I'm sure many of you have seen this image many times. I just like it, a lot and I just thought I'd share. It's that mixture of white and wood, so calming and beautiful. His use of Asian artifacts and antiques are one of my favorite looks.

Bali on the Mind

Yesterday I must have really had some serious Bali karma surrounding me! As soon as I walked into work in the morning, my boss asked me to order a fabric called, "Kuta Beach". Bali's most famous beach! Isn't that funny? Hum....
June 29, 2009

Monday Morning Dreaming

I'm having a hard time getting moving this morning. Monday's in the middle of summer are like that. As a lot of people head to the beach for the 4th, I've been thinking of my pals in Bali. Sorta wishing we were headed to the beach too! (Stop me from complaining right now because we're going to the ever so beautiful Colorado and we are very very fortunate!....plus we had our fair share of beach time over our 5 month trip around the world! You can read more about our time in Bali here.)

Anyway, I saw this house in Bali and it's made me miss my friends and that beautiful island!

Ahhh...beautiful, relaxed and refreshing. The owners are European, I like their take on a traditional Balinese house. Ok everyone, back to work!

June 26, 2009

Happy Friday

So happy for the weekend, are you? I'm trying to drag Tim out west to do a little antique shopping for our new house. Hum. We'll see if I can convince him. His plans are to watch his beloved All Blacks delayed on TV Saturday morning. Whatever we decide to do, I'm just happy there is no plan and nothing we have to do!

June 25, 2009

Go ahead Millbrook!

Tim's family has a beautiful home down in Queenstown, New Zealand at Millbrook. I've written about it here, it's one of my most favorite places. We are spoiled rotten, it's drop dead gorgeous.

Anyway, my mother in law just wrote me that Millbrook's spa recently got ranked in the top 10 spas in the world by, GAYOT, 'Guide to the Good Life'. I have to admit, their massages and foot reflexology are the best I've ever had (not that I've had too many, but still...)!

It's impossible not to be relaxed when you're staying at Millbrook, it is so calm and peaceful. Your views 360 degrees are mountains and trees and the huge New Zealand sky. It is equally lovely in all the season, in fact, I couldn't pick a favorite time of year to go there. They are all that nice! Although in the summer (January - March) it doesn't get dark until about 11:30pm which is pretty fun! If you're looking to spend a holiday down in New Zealand, Millbrook, and their spa, is a must see!


Are these not the sweetest yellow doors you've ever seen? Love the wellies as an accessory! If we weren't in a drought in Houston I could justify getting some cute Hunter Green Hunter Wellies for gardening in my new yard!
images: here & here


Today I'm totally wanting to be people watching in Japan with Jane and her mom...they are having a blast in Omotesandso! I've had the best time reading their blogs following them on their trip!

PS...Check out Jane's new line of shoes for Urban!!!

June 24, 2009

Rubik Cube

Wish I could do one of these! I love the Pantone version!

Weakness for Sheets

I have a serious weakness when it comes to bed linens. When I was in college, one of my last semesters I only had to take 9 hours to graduate. So I worked in a fine linen store every Sunday just so I could buy Sferra's Francesca bedding AT COST. A whole semester. It was worth every one of those boring afternoons! I have the Francesca in ecru, some days I wished I had gotten white. But the embroidery is so much prettier in the ecru.

I have the Olympia bed cover in Honey with the matching Euro Shams. I'll have to take a picture once I get moved in. It's pretty heavenly.

Yesterday I was wasting time here, and I managed to find two great sets of Sferra sheets! It's their fun, more affordable 1891 line, and they had tons, it just took a little digging around. I got the Frou Frou in the pink/coral color for my guest bedroom.

And I got the Floral Kiss in the white for our bedroom. With some extra white Pom Pom pillow cases. I love all the names!
Floral Kiss
Pom Pom

And believe me the prices, here, are far better than anything you see online! Good luck, happy sleeping!
June 21, 2009

So many sofas...

I'm already thinking/planning out what type of sofa I'm going to have made for our new house. Here's a sneak peak of it by the way:

We don't close until mid July, but I think it's pretty much a done deal and we're in the clear, so I thought a little photo sharing won't jinx anything! It's old,Victorian, turn of the century. It sits almost 5ft off the ground and has a sweet tea vodka-drinking front porch. I'm in love!

Ok, back so sofa decisions. I'm caught between two looks:

Soft curved arm, like these, with a deep deep seat and lots of loose back cushions...

Or something boxy, where you can fit right inside, where the arms hold you in snug. Masculine and strong, like these...

Or maybe something in between like this...I like how leggy it is...and those sleek arms...

Humm...what do you think? I have some boxy little square arm chairs that will sit with the sofa, found at a dumpster. Yep, a dumpster. They are sitting in my mom's attic right now, waiting to be recovered. They are mid century from an old famous furniture store in New Orleans from the 50's-60's called Hurwitz Mintz. (Not sure what this store is like today, but it was very classy 50 years ago!) When my mom saw the tag under the beer soaked cushion, she said, you've got to take them. So we've got them, don't worry, I'll do some great before and after photos!

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my sweet father. This was right before he walked me down the isle, April 2008. He was more nervous than me. From day one we've been doing fun things from fishing, crabbing, water skiing, hiking, running, baseball games, football games, traveling, to university orientations and wedding dances, now I'm living under his roof again a married woman! How patient and kind is he?! Thanks Dad for all the great times, it's been a blast, I look forward for more memories to come ;) I'm going to miss you when I move out, for the second time!! xxx Love you! M
June 18, 2009

Stylin' Grocery Totes

I ordered a couple of these yesterday from: here. SO cute!

If it makes you happy....

Alek over at From the Right Bank to the Left Coast, tagged me last week, 6 un-interesting things that make me happy. I'm a little late to check in. Of course. Ok, here goes finally!

The other night I was guilty of putting down my Vogue to listen to Sheryl Sandberg speak on a podcast through Standford's Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar. Sounds very academic huh? My husband listens to these podcasts of influential movers & shakers every other day pretty much. I actually found this one so interesting and inspiring, Vogue couldn't even keep my attention! She's the COO of facebook, but most of her advice applies to any career or business owner, I learned a lot from listening to her, she's mega smart! Ok, so uninteresting and dorky? Check! But it makes me happy because I'm listening and learning about being a business owner.

My car seat is always this filthy. I am constantly hauling around light fixtures, rugs, fabric samples, bar stools, chairs, fabric rolls, you name it, it's in my car. Between working part time as a design assistant for a firm and part time for my own business...I live in my car up to my neck in paperwork, receipts, fabric samples. It's messy and cluttered. But I'm doing what I love, so that makes me happy.

I am obsessed with pugs, I think baby black pugs are the most adorable things I've ever seen. They are so lovey and sweet. I want one. My husband thinks they are dawg ugly and wants nothing to do with them. The jury is still out. They make me happy.

I buy shoes at Target. They are all cheap and I swear, I get more compliments on them than my expensive shoes. If you buy them online, they always have your size. It's my little secret that is now out. Whala! Finding a cute pair of shoes for a bargain definitely makes me happy! I have these, and they look good for how inexpensive they are!

I have a very hard time functioning without coffee. I like any kind, strong, weak, black, white. A cappuccino in the afternoon can be one of life's simplest and most enjoyable pleasures. I can remember one time when I lived in Paris I went shopping one day in the Marais all afternoon. I ended up stopping and having a 6 cappuccino. Now, at that time, for my poor student self, that was really really breaking the bank. They aren't even big. But it was delicious and makes me happy, totally worth it!

Sweating in 106 degree heat for 90 minutes four times a week makes me incredibly happy! It calms my mind and stretches every part of my body. The room is stinky, it's hard hard work, you're drenched in sweat and some days I feel like I'm backtracking in my practice, but Bikram Yoga makes me beyond happy!

June 17, 2009

New Orleans Recap

If you've never been to New Orleans and want to know what we did last weekend. here is a short recap. Keep in mind, this was a casual girls trip... we didn't hit any fancy restaurants etc...

Friday After 5pm
French Quarter: Napoleon House - drinking Pimm's and having nibbles..., Tujagues - drinking vodka, cranberry, lemonades...delicious! Dinner at Bon Ton Cafe, friends of a friend are the owners and it's a great, old school, kinda place to go! My grandfather used to have many a highball-filled lunches there when he was a lawyer & judge working in New Orleans....

Napoleon House

Bon Ton Cafe

Saturday All Day

Beignets & Cafe au Lait's to go in our hotel room, from Cafe Du Monde. Worth the wait. Worth the calories. Highly recommended. (I wont' disclose where we stayed the first night because it was a mistake and we had to move hotels!! Wups. If budget is no problem, stay at Hotel Monteleone, everyone stayed there for my wedding, it was fabulous). Then on to The Bank, amazing, see info here. Then we high-tailed it up to uptown. Started out having lunch at St. James Cheese Company. So cute. I felt like I was in Europe. They even have a little blog. Then shopping all afternoon along Magazine. Scriptura & Leontine Linens were two favorites...honestly, it's all good. We tried to pop into Julie Neill but she had just closed a few minutes before..shucks. Oh, and the antiques stores....too many to write about! Around 5 pm, had a glass of wine with the ever-so-darling, ever-so-gracious Melissa Rufty of MMR Interiors. Her home is too gorgeous for words! She's on the road to the big times, that is for sure, you're going to be seeing a lot more of her soon! Later huge margaritas at Superior Grill to watch LSU in Omaha! Geaux Tigers! Finally dinner at Jacques-Imo's Cafe. One of my faves. So much fun. Earliest reservations you can get are like 10:30, just pretend you're in Paris.

Cafe Du Monde
The Bank
St. James Cheese Company

Leontine Linens
Julie Neill
Superior Grill

Of course there are a million other great things to do in New Orleans. We only really had one day, and didn't cram too much in our schedule. Sunday was spent driving on I-10 back to Houston. Not that much fun with a 2 day hangover. In hindsight we made a fatal mistake by not grabbing a Bloody Mary for the road! Oh, wait, here's Kate Marie, (nick name pronouced, Mah-ree) my beautiful sister having one!

Love you NOLA!


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