June 29, 2009

Monday Morning Dreaming

I'm having a hard time getting moving this morning. Monday's in the middle of summer are like that. As a lot of people head to the beach for the 4th, I've been thinking of my pals in Bali. Sorta wishing we were headed to the beach too! (Stop me from complaining right now because we're going to the ever so beautiful Colorado and we are very very fortunate!....plus we had our fair share of beach time over our 5 month trip around the world! You can read more about our time in Bali here.)

Anyway, I saw this house in Bali and it's made me miss my friends and that beautiful island!

Ahhh...beautiful, relaxed and refreshing. The owners are European, I like their take on a traditional Balinese house. Ok everyone, back to work!



Everyone seems to be feeling that way today, me included. If you ever want to talk about how beautiful Bali is, you know where to find me. I never get tired of it. And I'm not even a big beach person. I just love Bali. :)

Chris said...

Awesome house! I can't decide where I want to build my tropical getaway. Maybe French Polynesia? For sure somewhere that can incorporate a stop-over in Singapore. If only Singapore had sic beaches.

Meg said...

Me neither Alek, always room in my heart for Paris and Bali! Chris, You are so funny w/ the 'singapore stop over'...love it! If only! Joanney texted today she made it to SA! YAY! :)

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