June 25, 2009


Are these not the sweetest yellow doors you've ever seen? Love the wellies as an accessory! If we weren't in a drought in Houston I could justify getting some cute Hunter Green Hunter Wellies for gardening in my new yard!
images: here & here


Carolina Eclectic said...

Hi Meg
Wanted to let you know that I am giving you the "One Lovely Blog" award:)
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Devon said...

We have two pairs of Wellies in our house. And we love them. We wear them to garden, in the rain...and I wear them everywhere over pants during the rainy season.

They are so worth the buy because they are classic and will never go out of style.

Go for it!!!

Gaia said...

yellow doors...Hunter boots!
so simple and so elegant!

Have I very nice weekend!

Michelle said...

This is so wonderful! I'm glad I discovered your blog. :)

somebody said...



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