July 14, 2009

Magazine Overload

If you're like me, you have magazines everywhere. What to do with them? I can't throw them away, it's like a complex I have. I love this clever way of hiding them under a Lucite console and coffee table. Unfortunately I think my husband would feel too cluttered using this organization method...but I'd like to have them at an arms reach!


Devon said...

My magazine collection drives my husband absolutely bonkers. I've tried to stylishly stack them in a bookcase (Elle Decor), hide them in the kitchen (Martha Stewart) and sneak them into my bedside table (House Beautiful, Cottage Living and Dominoe.)

Eventually, he made me go to Ikea and purchase boxes for them. They were apple green boxes so I felt okay about the whole deal.

I'd head quickly to the lucite before you are similary escorted to Ikea... ;)

Meg said...

When we moved back from NZ, Mat kept grumbled about the boxes of magazines we brought back... but really, the are the best kind of souvenir I say! I've found hiding them under the bed is quite effecitve!!

LindsB said...

I love the Ikea wood magazine holders, I have a TON of them painted white and they house all of my magazines, I have a hard time parting with them as well. Good luck!

Meg said...

Love the under the bed idea! I can store a lot under there probably! I'm headed to Ikea probably everyday the week we move!!! :) Thanks ladies!

I *Heart* You said...

Meg - we bought a bookcase and magazine holders at ikea for the pure purpose of housing all our magazines. i have to go back and get more holders. maybe i'll see you there! : )

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