July 31, 2009

No Blogging in Bed

My husband has made a rule, no 'multi-media' in bed. Including blogging. Therefore, I need a chair to sit on while blogging. More like, a chair to sit on while I work on my brand new, infantile business. I have no sofa, no dining table. But I just nabbed up this chair on craigslist. I haven't seen it in real life, but there were other people lined up after me to buy it, so I hurried and paypaled it. Hope it's good in person! Oh yeah, it was $40. Can't even get a cheapo at Target for $40.


Paula (Mabel & Violet) said...

What a bargain - I love it! My husband has made a rule too - no multi-media in his presence. He's a little jealous of my relationship with my laptop!

Meg said...

Haha! At least I can be in Tim's presence, but he's getting stricter! Blogging can be so addictive!

Lauren said...

I saw that chair too on Craig's List and thought, "someone needs this!" Glad you'll get to enjoy it!

Meg said...

Yea, going to see it in an hour, we'll see! Thanks Lauren! :)

Devon said...

Great chair but no multimedia in bed? Mon dieu. I don't even know what we would do. We have a huge flat screen on our bedroom wall and are both hopeless laptop addicts...in bed!

Courtney said...

I LOVE THIS!!! I just bought the ugliest chair ever (not so many vintage numbers in these parts!), but I needed something, anything that didn't have a spring coming out the ass. JJ wouldn't even let me bring that chair to KL! This chair is so very pretty.

Brilliant Asylum said...

I just sat in the softest, most distressed tobacco leather barcelona chair (at Sid Mashburn). Kind of reminds me of this one. Good luck!

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