July 23, 2009

Orchids Make Everything Look Good

I am a sucker for an orchid. Growing up in Singapore, where they grow like weeds, you learn to appreciate how such a delicate, peculiar organism can grow under such harsh conditions, and thrive. Anyway. I think I was attracted to this photograph because of the orchid. And the bookshelves, or maybe the bookshelves first, orchid second. Either way, it looks good.



I knew you'd lived in Singapore but didn't know you grew up there. How cool. I bet you have a very well developed palate - the food in that part of the world is good!

Orchids are amazing. I always thought of them as delicate and high maintenance so I was blown away when I went to SE Asia and saw them growing all over the place like weeds. I love that about them!

Meg said...

Yes!! I went to high school there, my parents were there close to ten years, after I had left for college they were still there, it's amazing how they grow in such strange ways like with no dirt, on the side of a tree limb, and I have trouble keeping one alive on my coffee table!!

Eleanor said...

Love that sofa - I think i've figured out that I only like furniture on legs. I don't really like sofas or chests of drawers that are flush to the floor. Also extends to ovens. Is that weird?

somebody said...



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