August 27, 2009

All Business

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I'm all business right now folks. I just spent about 10 hours today loading Quickbooks 09 on my new computer. My baby business has been operating since March, so I had a little catching up to do. It's a lot of work. Don't let anyone tell you it's easy. A couple of times in computer hell today, I thought, this is why everyone can't have their own business. This is hard hard work. The funny thing is that I think I'm organized. Like I've kept 'good records' since March. Yea. Right. If you saw my desk right now you'd think, "well, that's just how creative types work". Anyway, I'm feeling pretty accomplished even though I'm not 100% caught up. And I'm going to keep on moving ahead...Peace Pals!


Devon said...

It takes sheer guts and determination to get a small business up and running. Congratulations Meg! Sheer guts and determination will pretty much get you through anything in life...especially mastering Quickbooks.

Now shut it's time for a cocktail!!

Courtney said...

Amazing!! If anyone can get through it all it's you and your endless energy. Go Meg!!

Meg said...

THANKS ladies!!! I really appreciate your support!!! ;) xxxx

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