August 24, 2009

Dining Room Table Quest

On Friday I had a few free hours in the afternoon to kill, so I did what any furniture obsessed person would do, hit the junk shops in my new neighborhood. Since it was about 168 degrees and I was thirsty, I didn't last too long. But I couldn't go home without stopping at Installations. Which is literally down my street. That is so dangerous. Everything in Installations is amazing, there is not one thing I don't love. Check out their website, you'll be impressed.

Well, I told the Danish owner Jurg I was looking for a dining table. Which is true, the type of dining table is still up for discussion. I am pretty certain our room calls for a round table, which I think would look great. Tim thinks they are a little too casual and wants a rectangle. Jurg showed me a round one that I knew could be 'the one'.

The top is made of reclaimed azobe wood with a half found metal band all around the edges, the cast iron industrial base is American 1930's-40's. Pretty amazing right? Jurg artfully refinishes or fabricates most of his furniture from unique items found in Europe or the US. I also saw some pretty amazing 1930's American chaise lounges on wheels that he'd lacquered a gray/green. And I drooled over an original George Nelson ball bubble pendant light from the 1950's.

Back to "the one", the part I'm leaving out is the price. It's $9500. Yep. You read correctly. NO, it does not have inlaid diamonds. You think you'd be buying precious jewels for that price. I went from being super stoked that I found something I thought was incredible, to being sad, really sad. But Jurg is so cool and asked me to give him a budget and he'd see what he could make for me within my price range. So we'll see, I think in my budget the only thing Jurg could make me would be a Barbie sized table!



I normally believe you get what you pay for but in this case, I have to say, yikes. How cool that he wants to make you something though!

Re: this fall, we're thinking of going to Laos. I'll keep you posted. And I'll keep the Banyan Tree in mind for more rooftop drinking. :) Thanks for the tip!

Matt said...


hit commune design, portfolio, check out some of the houses at the bottom of the list, and the ace hotel.

up your alley me thinks.

lost your email.


Meg said...

Alek! Laos sounds amazing! I'm dying to do a Laos/Vietnam/Cambodia trip!

Matt!!!! Where have you been my whole life! I'm going to email you, I didn't lose punga & smith... never ;) Dying to get the scoop on what you've been up to!

pink-to-green said...

Meg, that table is amazing! At least day dreaming about it in your home is free; I will now be enjoying the same fantasy. The mix of old wood, industrial details and a Danish seller with the name Jurg only makes me love it more.

Ross said...

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