August 5, 2009

Whatcha Got Cookin'?

Hey folks,

I wish I had a pretty picture or some fascinating design scoop on my new house. But I'm reading other blogs tonight feeling that everyone else has great photos, funny stories to share, and mine aren't quite as good. So I'm going to tell you what I cooked for dinner last night. First of all, I'll preface this by telling you that the only place where I'll be shopping from now on in my new hood is the farmers market. My pal Courtney had blogged about it ages ago. I read about it way back when, even before I knew or was even thinking about moving to Houston. I remember making a mental note, I should tell my Mom to check out this great market. Well, now it's literally down the street from me, and the produce is to die for. So when I was there I filled a cart to the brim with veges and fruit, including a bag of home grown tomatoes and okra. I came home, looked at my no fail recipe source and I made this:

But I'll be honest, I didn't feel like going out and buying fresh scallops, so I used chicken. Then I realized we don't have a food processor, so our sauce was a little chunky. AND I was out of chicken broth. So I just made do and used water. That is the type of cook I am. And although I often copy recipes from a gourmet source, mine are never exactly that gourmet. And you see that perfect little pyramid of rice? Mine did not look like that.

This was really good. I know some of you probably aren't huge Asian food people, and freak out at the word curry and automatically think you don't like it, even though you've never had it. I'm not judging, hey, that used to be me at age 13, before I moved to Asia. But Tim and I like curry, any type: red, green, yellow, spicy, mild. If you've never had it, this one is a good one to try for your first time. This recipe is really light and fresh and healthy. Highly recommended. Just make sure you have a food processor. What have you been cooking lately?


Courtney said...

SO glad you made it to Canino's! I love that place!! We've been cooking up a storm over here -- my newest obsession: lemongrass mashed potatoes!

Eleanor said...

I am crying with jealousy over the farmer's market. The produce here is so bad! Hmmm, what am I cooking at the moment... My current favourites - chicken wrapped in bacon stuffed with a prune that is wrapped around a little cube of feta. And fillet steak with caramelized red onion. Also been making a big stack of grilled vegies (courgette, eggplant, field mushroom and capsicum) and eating it with pita bread and tzatziki. Snap on the curry - Chris made green thai chicken curry last night and it was delicious.


I love curry of any kind! The way you reworked the recipe to fit what you had on hand is what cooking is all about in my opinion. So bravo for you! Your farmer's market sounds amazing. One of the best things about summer is all the great produce.

Chris said...

I am getting spoiled by El's cooking at the moment. Will have to try your recipe- although not sure what scallops are like here. Fish intead probably.

Meg said...

Love the curry love! mmm...Courtney, those taters sound delish! Chris, no doubt El is cooking up a storm so gourmet! You're one lucky guy! :)

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