September 30, 2009

Out of Africa - at Round Top, Texas

I went a little African crazy while at Round Top. Every time I see African things or culture I think of my sister in law, Joanne! I've often write about my love of textiles, from any country, including Kuba textiles. I found some great ones this past weekend! I am not sure what I'm going to do with them, either pillows for my new sofa..or perhaps little ottoman/stools like these:
The other thing I found was an old burlap sack from Zaire, it even had a nut inside of it! I recently saw some great wing chairs upholstered with a burlap sack on the back facing the front, and the rest of the chair was done in a ticking with nail heads. I might do something like that with this, or maybe a bench, who knows. I like that cheetah face, it's like animal print without really being animal print!
September 28, 2009

Dining Table Design Part II

Remember my dream table? And remember my adventure to Acadian Parish to design my dining table top? I spent this past Saturday in the fields of Round Top with the sole purpose of finding my dining table base. Antiquing up there is happening all week, in fact I'm going up again tomorrow at 7am for more fun! Anyway, I purposely began my search at one particularly huge booth, which is ultra cool, ultra hip, amazing stuff, the dealer is a little 'too cool for school' if you know what I mean. I knew to stop there first for inspiration, with the hopes he might have something in my price range that would be perfect. After chatting with him and learning that he does not sell iron bases by themselves, and that he thought I'd have no luck finding one, especially for under $500, I left feeling discouraged and sad!

Good thing I can sniff out junk and a bargain. I've shopped markets from Bangkok to India, Indonesia and Egypt, I'm not afraid of a little Texan Round Top! And sure enough, I found my base a few booths down for $350! That price includes being cut down to the size I need! What do you think? I know, it's a little rusty. I am going to get that rust off. Although I kinda like that blueish white patina on it...we'll see. I am really pleased with it all and I can't wait to show you the finished product in a few weeks! I have other goodies from RT to show you..and a new sofa that is getting delivered on Thursday, it's all starting to come together!!!

ps, If it looks small, it's not, I forgot to add that it weighs 400lbs, good news is that 'George', my man, my salesman, said he'll be able to chop off 100 of those bad boys when he cuts it to scale! HA! We're never moving from this house...

Happy Fall!!

On Sunday night I whipped up this little wreath for our front door. My mom, Miss Mendi, and I found some of this pretty 'bittersweet' while antiquing at Round Top this weekend. She's using hers across her table for Thanksgiving, I bunched mine up in a makeshift fall wreath!
September 24, 2009

Two Hip Chicks... a hip party in London for Established & Sons, celebrating the Bouroullec brother's new chair.
images: here and here
A. First and foremost, I really love Gwen's outfit. LOVE.
B.What do you think of this racy chair? Not so sure how I feel about the chair or love seat, but I do know that I love navy, anywhere. I do know I definitely love these boy's algae.
C. Established & Sons is oh so cool. Alasdhair Willis, Wallpaper mag founder and publisher, hubby to Stella, now runs cutting edge furniture manufacturer, it's too much for me to handle! I'm in the mood to go to London now.

Work Horse

I could get some serious work done in this kitchen. Pretty Gorgeous. Reminds me of this one. Sorry for being so, 'same same, but different'*.
*{one of my favorite expressions from living in Asia, if you've been to Thailand, you might have seen shirts with that written on them}
September 23, 2009

Australia Yesterday

We have friends in Australia...yesterday they woke up to this:It was probably scary and hard to breathe, but from photos it looks beautiful. Nature is so powerful! That orange color is so pretty.

Mmmm...Michael Smith

I can't get enough of this bedroom! It could be anywhere in the world. A little ethnic, very colorful, that trunk!!

September 22, 2009

Designing a Dining Table - Cajun Style

Y'all are going to think I'm a little crazy after this one! Last weekend I drove to Louisiana, around 4 hours, to visit friends and family, and to also to get the ball rolling on a custom dining table. It's a long story about how we 'know' this man Eddy, but in the past (aka 25 years ago) he made some cypress porch swings for my grandfather. I ended up in the middle of nowhere, deep in Acadiana Parish, serious Cajun territory, here: (ps, these iphone pics could be some of my worst, I didn't want to be so blatantly rude snapping away..even though I was dying to take about a hundred pictures of this place!) I think Eddy lives in that little white number... He makes swings like these, all hand made out of cypress. We're getting one for our front porch.

Um, I followed him through here to look for which kind of wood I was interested in using...
There was tons to choose from! I ended up picking some from an old church that he believes was over a 100 years old. The whole time Eddy is throwing in Cajun French here and there, telling me about his adventures moving off the bayou over 30 years ago, it was all so interesting and such a cultural experience, I could barely keep up!
Well, I looked at two different boards from two different piles before I made my decision. Eddy suggested planing them before I picked which one I liked. He asked me to hold the other end and help him stick it through the machine. I almost died! But did anything Eddy asked...I'm so desperate for a table. And at his prices, I'd do anything... The two boards I chose between were these: the one on the left is very pale/yellow in real life, and the right one was the older wood, looks redder in this photo than in real life. I chose the right. I like the knots, I'm hoping the rest of the planks look like it too! Oh, and this is all cypress wood. Ok, see all those chips that come off from the planing machine? Eddy has a local friend how raises horses and can use those chips. But instead of paying him in money for it, he pays him in honey! The local friend raises bees! I had to tell Eddy a few times that I wasn't a fan of varnish and I only want my table waxed, so it will age and patina well. Eddy told me his bee raising friend had just given him some beeswax! Eddy said, "I'll throw in a chunk of that wit 'dat' table!" (if only I could have taped that Cajun accent...I love it) I'm not sure how that looks, I'll have to do a little research..anyone know anything about using beeswax on furniture? I guess I can test the underside right?!
A finished 10 foot cypress farm table that is going out to a local doctor's camp.
The door to his work shop, how gorgeous! And that fire hydrant...he told me I could have it for $600, his lowest price. I sorta feel like going back and buying it, selling it to Found before Round Top next week!Well, that's all. I can't wait to show y'all the finished product! After much thought and deliberation I've decided to go with a round table and I'm still researching/thinking about what type of base I want to put it on. I'm considering having an antique iron reproduction made, or looking for something to use at Round Top...hum, any ideas are welcome!
September 18, 2009

Fall at Brunschwig

Yesterday I was at the Decorative center for a few hours, and stopped in my tracks at this new Brunschwig display. Their merchandising is always so clever, but this time, it really made my jaw drop! There are birds nests and feathers on top of those globe lights. I love it! I am going to think about this display when I'm trying to come up with some kind of fall wreath for our front door...which might not make an appearance until December at the rate I'm going! Off to Louisiana again this weekend, this time to attempt to have a custom cypress dining table made...more on that later!
September 16, 2009

Lost City

Yesterday I was just introduced to Lost City fabrics by Jen West. If you haven't checked out Jen's blog, check it out. She has great taste, I love her work. Plus she's super funny and sassy and makes me laugh out loud at my computer screen. Anyway, thanks Jen, I loved finding out about this cool line. When I saw the photos, I had to go see what that Arabic fabric was about. The story of it is just so interesting."Rabe’a Balkhi was most likely the first poetess in the History of Persian Poetry. She was born and died in Balkh, a city today in northern Afghanistan. This poem is called ‘Love’and has been embroidered in persian with chain stitch. (9th or 10th century)"Her story is sort of a middle eastern Romeo & Juliet. Here's the poem translated, and what the fabric says:

By Rabeha Balkhi
I am caught in Love's web so deceitful
None of my endeavors turn fruitful.
I knew not when I rode the high-blooded stead
The harder I pulled its reins the less it would heed.
Love is an ocean with such a vast space
No wise man can swim it in any place.
A true lover should be faithful till the end
And face life's reprobated trend. When you see things hideous, fancy them neat,
Eat poison, but taste sugar sweet
September 15, 2009

Tory Burch Style Guides

I am loving Tory Burch's style inspiration, especially the ones from Dubai and Rome. These remind me of my brother-in-law and his girlfriend who live in Dubai, and just got engaged in Rome last week! El, here is some inspiration and style guides just for you!!! Congratulations Chris & El!! Ps, I just had to throw in Morocco because I love the colors and fabrics, maybe you two could honeymoon there!! xxxx




September 14, 2009

Before & After: Dumpster Chairs

We rang in the New Year '09 at our camp in south Louisiana. {A camp in Louisiana is like a holiday house, or weekend house, ours is a little more 'rough' than your typical lake house. I'll take some good pictures come Thanksgiving.} Our camp is on pilings, or huge stilts in the water/bayou, you have to get there by a boat.

Anyway, when we were there in January I found some chairs, near the dump on the wharf at our lake, where our camp is. Below is the 'Attakapas Landing' where we dock our boat and park our car before heading out to our camp. This is where I found my chairs. They had huge bags of empty beer cans on them, leaking old, hot, smelly beer all over the place. Any normal person would have left those chairs to rot.
Before. Many years, probably around 60, were spent drinking, smoking and eating gumbos in these chairs.
After. Newly recovered on my front porch, waiting for their grand entrance inside!
Once I finish painting I'll show you some more of how the room/colors are coming along!!!

Ta Da!! They are wild, but I love that! I could just picture myself dressed up, Mad Men style, smoking a fag and drinking a high ball in these back around 1962. Wanna join me and come over?!
September 11, 2009

Magic Moments

We're headed to Baton Rouge this weekend for my cousin's wedding, I know it is going to be absolutely beautiful! Oooh, I love weddings! Tomorrow Tim will be experiencing his first LSU Tiger Football game, tailgating all day, 100,000 people inside the stadium, jambalaya and bourbon starting around 9am. No doubt it will be an experience he'll never forget! The most precious part of this weekend will be spending time with my family. When I lived in New Zealand, these were the times that I missed the most, so I'm going to enjoy every second...and I hope you will also have fun with your families this weekend! xxx

Geaux Tigers!

Images: here and here

September 10, 2009

Madeline Weinrib on SALE!!!

Ahhh, Madeline Weinrib on OKL today. Mmmm... I want it all. Especially these pillows piled on an all white bed, in an all white room. I just love this ballet pink/blush/peach color. So pretty!!!

Standing Buddha

I want a 4 foot tall standing Buddha in my entry. Maybe standing on a chest so it's really tall. Hum... Thoughts?
September 9, 2009

Dining Room Proposal

Yesterday when I was at the Dec Center I stumbled up on this fabric. I came home and put it in a basket I keep of fabrics I want to use in my house. It's from Pindler. It's inexpensive. It looks just like the lovely Flowering Quince, by Clarence House. Upon further reflection I remembered that I live in a 1280 square foot house, I do not have nearly enough space, windows or furniture for all the fabric swatches I save for me. That brings me to this proposition. This fabric will haunt me until I can use it somewhere, and if it can't be for me, I want to use it for YOU. So, if you love it, let me know. Let's design something with it. I think it would be perfect in a dining room. Ooo. I can see it already. Either upholstered walls, or beautiful draperies. Or both. So classy.
Images: here and here
September 7, 2009

If this is Garden Heaven...

...would that make this faucet God?

Image here via here.


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