October 28, 2009

Come Over for a Swing!

While I was busy all weekend entertaining my in laws and watching my husband swim, bike and run 70.3 miles in his first half ironman triathlon, my parents were hauling my new swing over the Louisiana/Texas state border. I love it!

I pretty much love any front porch, they epitomize living in the south, mine is the reason I fell in love with our house. Now that we have the main element, the swing, I can start to accessorize! Plants, rockers, outdoor pillows are all in order!

Images: Lonny Magazine, Martha Stewart


Devon said...

LOVE that swing. It looks gorgeous on your porch. What a great start!!

Pink to Green said...

What an exciting development. Congrats to Tim on his Ironman, that's amazing!!

Meg said...

thanks!!! We're SLOWLY getting there, as you can tell...def needs more accessorizing! Thanks Megan, Tim is such an athlete, lets hope our future kids don't inherit my lack of coordination and athletic ability!

bandelle said...

Meg, your swing is absolutely adorable. Imagine sipping pink lemonade on it during the summer or hot cocoa in the winter. Can you tell how jealous I am?!?!?! I can't wait to see your new light project too. You have such wonderful taste.


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