October 13, 2009

Rattan Desk

I just stumbled upon this little Rattan Desk from Pottery Barn. I'm neededing a better desk system in my little at home office. It's not what I need for my office, but it is 'So India Hicks', I love it. Would make a great little bedside table. Just FYI if you're looking for one!


red.door.read said...

hey meg, i've been searching for a little desk for so long. they're incredibly hard to find. i only use a laptop at home - no printer, no stacks 'o paper - all minimal uptight virgo style...and my desk hunt is driving me bonkers.

.end rant.

hope you're well. RDR

Meg said...

HI RDR!!! I'll keep my eyes peeled for you, it's just finding the source in OZ which is more difficult! xx M

MissBliss said...

This desk is adorably stylish :)

somebody said...



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