November 3, 2009

Alkemie Jewelry

While I was in Boulder this past weekend I popped into a new precious shop along Pearl, it turns out the hospitable, warm owner is from Houston! I'm sorry, but southerners are just plain sweet, I love meeting them out of town. Anyway, she had a jewelry line that I love. I know I've seen it before, perhaps on a blog somewhere? or in a shop? Alkemie. Check it out. It's green. I love that. Made from recycled metals. How cool.


Pink to Green said...

meg, you always find the greatest stuff! this jewelry is amazing; i love the sea creatures and that it is made of recycled material. hope the rest of your trip to CO was this fab!

Meg said...

I know, isn't this line FABULOUS? I knew you'd love it being recycled material! I am hoping santa, aka Tim, brings me that leaf cuff for xmas! :)

Abbie said...

I'll have to stop there next time I'm in town. Love the jewelry!

somebody said...



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