December 1, 2009

Christmas Cards

Have you started on yours yet? I went all arts & craftsey this year on my cards, I'll give you the details after they've been sent. Next year I think I'm going the OKL route, they've had the cutest ones this year!


Abbie said...

I got ours out yesterday-- but only because we went the simpler photo card route this year! Otherwise, it takes me eons.

Paloma {La Dolce Vita} said...

I ordered mine from Spice Paper Designs on Greenbriar this year. I think they came out great and I am excited to send them out. I love the gold stamps on those red envelopes. I bet your cards will be beautiful!

Courtney said...

The gold ink makes me mad at Malaysia for only selling black, blue and red stamp pads. Boo!

I mailed mine yesterday (took me forever to find a printer worth their salt here) and I can't WAIT for you to get it. You're going to hit the floor, LOL. Malaysia, truly Asia. xx

Meg said...

Courtney, I can't wait!!! Love me some 'truly Asia'!!! Paloma, your sound amazing!! Abbie, I wish I had a good photo to send! :(

somebody said...


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