December 8, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Welcome to the Lonergan's first Christmas in our first house. We are loving it. We got our first tree. An almost 9 footer from here, that was only $20 (um, and yes it is real and smells delish). kept secret in town! We don't have many ornaments, but we have the length of a marriage and lifetime to collect them so I'm in no rush. We also have no tree skirt... something else that will come with time. Literally, I have no time to find/make/rummage up a skirt, finish painting our trim nor to put up our blinds. But, focusing on the positive, I'm just proud we have a tree, and lights outside our house!
I thought I'd show you my wrapping this year. It's pretty simple; brown paper, burlap string and preserved juniper. I only have two presents wrapped so far, one to my Mom and one to my Dad. They are the best, they've helped us out so much this year (hosting us for 6 months while we bought a house and found jobs in Houston), so I'm glad theirs are the first presents wrapped under our first tree.
Oh, and another sweet thing my parents did for us this week, was pass this little baby down. Arrived from Louisiana today, it belonged to my great grandmother, Mary Louise Foley LeSueur.

How's your tree coming along?


Devon said...

Meg, it's a beautiful tree! Congratulations to you both. I hope you have a cozy and happy holiday season. :)

Meg said...

thanks Devon! Same to you!!! :) Your mantle looked great!

LindsB said...

What a pretty tree- the smell alone makes me want to have a tree up all year long!

Umatji said...

We don't tree until Christmas eve - imagine the excitement then! I have done it htis was since I was a tiny wee thing and couldn't imagine it anyh other way now!
Hope yuou have a good one. I love how Americans talk about their trees in 'feet'!

Meg said...

Thanks Linds & Umatji! I can imagine that waiting till Christmas eve was very exciting!

somebody said...



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