April 30, 2009

Super Sweet Deal

Would someone PLEASE book a trip to Asia! These Singapore Airline deals are amazing! I can't go now that we are working and our tripping around is over for a little while. But I want someone else to book a fun trip since I can't go. It's like shopping with someone who spends a lot when you have no money, it's fun to watch! So go ahead, book away!

Houston to Moscow to Singapore to Bali
: $959

Houston to Moscow to Singapore
: $800

Houston to Moscow to Singapore to Kuala Lumpur
(to visit Courtney anyone?) : $1123

Houston to Moscow to Bangkok
: $979

Do y'all know how good the shopping is in Bangkok and how nice the beaches are in Bali? And you even have the rare opportunity to stop off for a night or two in Russia on your way! Bon voyage!
April 29, 2009

Black & White & Birdcages

I love this space. I've been thinking a lot about black & white rugs lately. I love that Ikea Stockholm Rand rug. I also love the bird cages on top of those Chinese cabinets at the end of that dining room. I guess I am liking bird related things right now. I think the architecture really makes this room...that ceiling and those windows are fabulous! I also like it because you have no idea where this house located. I could name about 5 good guesses of where a space like this might reside. Any ideas?

April 28, 2009

Outdoor In

Australian fashion designer Collette Dinnigan's home perfectly blends her interiors with the outdoors. You can see her open dining room reflected through her refreshing pool. Floor to ceiling glass, louvred shutters, and that balcony, it's modern but comfortable.

I love how her pool and yard is just an extension of her home.

Her outdoor furniture is divine! I love those rustic folding French garden chairs!

These seashell lights, they look like chandeliers for outside. It doesn't get much more glamorous than that!

She truly has brought the outdoors inside her home, and vice versa. The result is lovely.
Images: Vogue Living December 2007
April 27, 2009


I love a little courtyard. They are hidden all over New Orleans and are usually overflowing with beautiful foliage and pretty flowers. I love when you walk inside one that is so beautiful it takes you by surprise, when you don't see it coming from the outside. My mother, Miss Mendi, has a pretty swell court yard going on here in Houston, just like that, a little hidden gem. Remember her jasmine? It's in full bloom right now, and makes me love springtime!

Now, a couple a weeks ago on a blazing hot Sunday my father asked me to oil their teak outdoor furniture. What a chore that was. I couldn't really say no, even though I totally felt like it. We had had a pretty late 'big night' (as Tim says) the night before, and I was feeling a bit weary still (at 5pm). But really, I couldn't say no, my husband and I have been crashing here since January, with no end in sight. It's the least I can do right? Boy, did it turned out well!

My friend down under recently took on a teak transformation project. Her hard work and inspirational photos, reminded me of my hard work. I just had to post these pretty pictures of Miss Mendi's courtyard with her newly oiled furniture. My parents furniture is the real deal, hand selected teak from the deep depths of Java, Indonesia. It wasn't expensive like it is here in the US, but that doesn't mean you can neglect it. If you have teak furniture that sits outside year round, it's important to keep it oiled once or twice a year so it stays conditioned. Anyway, now we can sit out there and enjoy a nice glass of wine at the end of the day and enjoy the jasmine!
April 24, 2009

Happy Weekend

Some close friends of my sister are on an epic trip around the world, check it out! They're in Tokyo right now, this image reminds me to have a peaceful, relaxing weekend! Enjoy!
April 23, 2009

Birdy Bird

My mom has these little birds that are nesting in the range of her stove. I know that sounds weird, but you can hear them. They aren't inside the house or anything, it's like they live in the exhaust pipe system. (you can tell how much I know about home construction...nada) Anyway, you can hear these little babies chirp when you're in the kitchen. It's sweet. That side of birds I like. The birds I don't like are the ones that traumatized me as a child, Hitchcock's version. Ever since I've been a little 'on the fence' (pun intended) about how I feel about birds/birds in nature/birds as pets/bird motifs/bird wallpaper/bird related things like nests/bird anything. Help me decide, are birds hot or not?

Bird Charms

Bird Necklaces

Bird Wall Decals
Bird Irish Tea Towels

(saw this on Craigslist, antique cage..kind love it)
Bird Wallpaper
I'm not very feminine in my decor tastes usually, but these birds are so pretty....love the drama of the black background.
Bird Cards
Good for Mothers Day for all Mom bird lovers out there!
Bird Feathers
Bird Pets
Bird Art
When I was in India, I fell in love with some original botanical drawings of exotic birds and fruit of India. They were painted by British artist James Forbes around 1813. On a backpackers budget they were slightly out of our price range, but I'm still thinking about them today!

Humm... what do you think? Birds cool or uncool?

Cape Lodge - Margaret River, Australia

A friend of mine might be traveling with her husband down to Perth Australia while he is there for work. She was asking about any must sees in the area. I was immediately reminded of an absolutely gorgeous little hotel down in Margaret River, the wine country of south western Oz. Cape Lodge, it's listed as one of the Small Luxury Hotels of the world.

Of course there is wine, grapes, vineyards, and more wine. The rugged coastline and beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean are only a short drive away. But before heading to the beach lunches and wine tastings can be had at many of the great wine estates of Australia which are all a short drive away.

There are only 22 rooms, and a communal dining room where dinner is served in a 'Sunday night family dinner style'. I love that. Such a great way to make new friends! When we were there everyone gathered around one large farm table and ate together, strangers included! There is a gourmet cooking school offered through Cape Lodge's kitchen. That of course would be a difficult activity choice, to stay inside, while the weather outside is always sunny, Mediterranean like.

The interiors are neat and modern, but welcoming and comfortable. I'm always describing spaces as 'comfortable', but that is my number one requirement, I never want to be in rooms that feel overly styled or too precious in their decor. What a lovely place, I'd like to return!
April 20, 2009

Orderly Disorganization

Meet stylist Elisa Nalin. Follow me into her home in Paris...

She's a total mess, I love it. It's good to see a mess every now and then. Makes people seem real. Her home isn't obviously styled and fixed for this shoot. I like that too.

I'm also a total mess. I try to be organized, I even use that word to describe myself, but that's slightly exaggerated! I'm actually a kinda messy person that really wants to be organized and neat. Elisa reminds me that it's cool to be a mess!

This little car is adorable for riding around Paris. It's probably a Porche or something, I don't know much about cars, I just like this one's size and color!

Who knew stairs could be so lovely? Only in Paris! Everything is beautiful in Paris! I love these stairs leading to her apartment, reminds me of when I also lived in Paris and had to hike up 74 stairs every time I wanted to come home! The old, worn wood is beautiful, and I love those checkered floors!

Lastly, her shoe collection! Gorgeous! She finds all of her lovely things at the 'vide greniers' in Paris, mini neighborhood flea markets, literally: attic sales or car boot sales. What a colorful life Elisa leads!
April 19, 2009

Ode to El

My brother in law Chris, and his girlfriend Eleanor live in Dubai. Remember them? We had the most fun 3 1/2 weeks ever with them last November. I wish we lived closer, we get a long so well. This weekend a little surprise late birthday present from them arrived in the mail. Boy, it was a good one.

Slicked Pink is the color, and it is perfect. I love this little 'pick me up', a new lip gloss, and it isn't the kinda thing I often buy myself. (it's not that I don't deprive myself of nice things...make up is just usually the last thing on the list.) I am one of those people who only buys make up when I'm flying internationally and go crazy at Duty Free while I'm bored. The result is that the colors are always a bit weird, never the normal shades they have at the department stores. Anyway, I'm going to be wearing this all the time, it smells nice too!

This book. Such a fun read, I can't wait to start it. It's like Sex & the City of Saudi Arabia, so interesting, perfect coming from Chris & El in the Middle East!

The baby mini pink Moleskine Volante notebooks. How adorably cute are these? I love them!

Thanks Chris & El, you two are the best! Everyone else, if you are needing a birthday gift, copy this one, it was perfect! :)
April 15, 2009

Milan 2009 - Punga & Smith

Anyone going to the Milan Furniture Fair in a few weeks? If you are, make sure to check out my friend Matt's company, Punga & Smith.

PUNGA & SMITH will be showing at Salone Satellite / Milan / April 22-27, 2009

I met my Kiwi mate Matt, glorified shed tinker, while working for Solo Design Store/Belle Interiors together. He's a cool guy, starting his own company, designing furniture, living his dream. I support anyone doing that! He calls himself a jack of all trades, master of none. He's pretty funny like that.

normally he has a beard which fits his love of tinkering

I saw his show, (which he's now calling, General Blowout 08) at Fisher's Art Gallery last year, we had a good time drinking wine, talking design. (rhyme intended) The sacrificial chair is pretty cool. Matt describes it as, "You know how in every bedroom there's one chair that's always piled high with clothes? Well, this is the chair that's been sacrificed to casual storage."
I also love his Topo table, it's the topography of Banks Peninsula in the south island of New Zealand.
This hanging fruit basket is new for Milan, I can't wait to see it in person!
That's all, I'm excited to watch Matt rise to international fame and fortune! "Good on ya' Matt!"


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