July 31, 2009

No Blogging in Bed

My husband has made a rule, no 'multi-media' in bed. Including blogging. Therefore, I need a chair to sit on while blogging. More like, a chair to sit on while I work on my brand new, infantile business. I have no sofa, no dining table. But I just nabbed up this chair on craigslist. I haven't seen it in real life, but there were other people lined up after me to buy it, so I hurried and paypaled it. Hope it's good in person! Oh yeah, it was $40. Can't even get a cheapo at Target for $40.
July 30, 2009

Work Outfit

Image: Emerson Made
This little number has been floating around blogland lately...I want to wear it while I paint my new house, fix up my garden, hang light fixtures & drapes, maybe rip out some tile. So cute.

Silk or Linen? Casual or Formal?

I've been thinking about draperies in my new house. I am normally most attracted to casual fabrics, linens both fine and heavy, cottons, anything with texture or a real natural/organic feel to it. I saw this photo, and all my original first instincts of what to do in my house completely went out the window! How pretty are these silk drapes? I like the element of dressiness (is that a word?) that it brings to this room.

Ballet Pink

I love 'ballet pink', and I love, love, love the use of it on these walls with these checkered floors. How gorgeous!
July 29, 2009


Dear Lord,
Please forgive me. I stole this magazine from the dermatologist office today. It wasn't an accident. I knew exactly what I was doing when I put it in my purse. You see, Domino's are rare these days, and I'm missing this exact issue. The dermatologist was probably going to throw it away soon too since it's almost a year old. Really I was helping them recycle, don't you think? Hum, maybe not, I took it without asking, which is stealing. I have a guilty conscience about this one and I'm sorry. Only my fellow design blog buddies can possibly understand the situation I was tempted in today. Thank you for your forgiveness.
In Your Name,

Dreams are Free

My brother-in-law's girlfriend El emailed me this morning. Remember El? She & my brother-in-law Chris live in Dubai, so they are often homesick for New Zealand. Obviously, look at the scenery, I'm homesick for it too! Back to this email, the subject: Dreams are Free. The email: photos of this house in Nelson. One of my absolute favorite spots in New Zealand!

Can you see those blue skies? New Zealand is so so beautiful. This little beach bach is so sweet! Thanks for sharing El!

Ok, I couldn't resist sharing these photos of a long weekend Tim and I spent at the Abel Tasman near Nelson a few years ago! And although this looks like a tropical place such as Bali or Thailand, it is not, it is New Zealand!!

July 27, 2009

M is for Melbourne

Oh how I want to visit Melbourne so badly. I think it's the most fab city in Oz. So they say. And looking at this ad, I'm convinced it must be. I've already been fortunate to travel Perth in beautiful, isolated Western Australia. But not this artsy, cool, place-to-be, that is Melbourne. Two of Tim's best mates from college in New Zealand live there now. Totally good excuse to go for a trip, right?!

Moving is Tough.

Ahh. I'm exhausted. 3 days of full on moving, boxes, paper, mess. I'm so over it. But I love our new house, even in the mess. It's pretty crazy, to open our belongings after being away from them for one full year. It's amazing how you can easily survive WITHOUT things. How you forget what you even have. You probably forget because, things are not important. It's also amazing what you decide not to throw away when you're paying an exorbitant amount to ship junk across the Pacific ocean. Geez. Lets just say some stuff got unpacked, only to be thrown straight in a Salvation Army pile. I wish I could take stuff back to India with me on a backpack and give it to those really in need. Anyway...take this advice, if you're moving overseas, or down the road for that matter, just minimize, minimize, minimize.

My parents came over for a pop in visit on Friday night, pizza and beer in hand. They were oohing and ahhing over how this is the one of the most fun things you can ever do, fix up your first house. Meanwhile I was actually trying to hold back tears because it's overwhelming, I want it fixed up now, and not messy. I think that is one characteristic of my generation. Impatience. I need to learn and practice better patience. I'm only going to complain about one more thing... Buying irons, vacuums, blenders, toasters, ironing boards, brooms, mops, buckets, toilet brushes, and all other cleaning supplies are quite possibly the most un-fun things to spend money on. I know it's all supposed to be great, 'playing house'. But I'd rather be spending those pennies on fabrics, rugs, pillows and paint. Who's with me? Oh, and if I could find my camera cord, to charge my camera, I'd upload some photos. For now you'll have to wait, besides, you don't even want to see pictures of this mess! :)
July 23, 2009

Orchids Make Everything Look Good

I am a sucker for an orchid. Growing up in Singapore, where they grow like weeds, you learn to appreciate how such a delicate, peculiar organism can grow under such harsh conditions, and thrive. Anyway. I think I was attracted to this photograph because of the orchid. And the bookshelves, or maybe the bookshelves first, orchid second. Either way, it looks good.

Painted Doors & Trim

Isn't this photo lovely? I've been have been thinking long and hard about how I want to handle the paint color & trim in my new house. I am pretty sure I'll paint the walls white with a contrasting darker trim color throughout, but seeing this photo makes me want to do the doors too. I have a few specific colors picked out, I just need to do some small samples to make sure they are right before I publicize! Any thoughts?
July 22, 2009


Attention everyone, Alek over at From the Right Bank informed us today that Vincent Wolfe has a blog. How did I miss this? I'm so excited. I already feel like I kinda know him just through his work and his books, he's that good. But now I can really feel like I almost know him by reading his posts. Yay! He's my ultimate inspiration, designing while using items he finds traveling the world, my dream!

July 21, 2009

Holland & Sherry

While perusing the Dec Center today, I fell in love. Of course. It happens every time. I just can't get enough of fabrics. They make my head spin, with happiness. I'm kinda like Erika, they are better than shoes for me too. Since my budget is snug, and my house is tiny, I can't use everything I'm in love with. But I just collect small memo's here and there, with ideas in mind, hopefully if I can't use them myself I can use them for a client and get my 'fix'. Anyway, back to what I fell in love with today. Holland & Sherry. Ridiculous embroideries. Ridiculous. Like insane. Like it makes you want to touch a 7 foot hanging from top to bottom and then wrap it around your shoulders and hug it.

Ahh... if only you can see them in person. These photos do not do the exisit work justice. The embroidered fabrics with boarders are made to order for your curtains or bedspread or whatever. Amazing eh?


I'm a TCK. Third Culture Kid. If you're one too, check out this website. If not, you might not get it, sorry. My TC is Singapore. And sorta New Zealand too since I married a Kiwi. I came across this photo and it made me hungry. Gotta love a Tiger beer and some good chicken rice. Mmmmm.

Tim's Perfect Dining Table

For about two years now, Tim has been trying to convince me that an office swivel chair would be the perfect dining chair. I used to get annoyed, I'd tell him to focus on engineering, let me do our decorating. Now, joke's on me! I came across this photo from here, look at that table, look at those chairs! Perfection! When I showed Tim, he said, "See, that's awesome."
July 17, 2009

Pull Up a Seat

Hey Folks,

Been a bit busy towards the end of this week. Working on a new project at work, which is very fun but has had me running around ragged. Closing on our house today. Moving next week. Helping my Mom throw a 'stock the bar' party tomorrow night for my cousin and her fiance. So...time has been disappearing. I hope you'll understand. When I am in my new residence next week..the fun will start :) Don't worry, I'll keep you posted! xxxx M
July 14, 2009

I Heart Ikat Forever

I'm an Ikat lover. Some people don't like it at all. Some people think it's trendy and will go out of style. Some people just don't like that ethnic look. I love it and will never get tired of it. It must have been growing smack dab in between Malaysia and Indonesia, where Ikat is everywhere, and has been, forever. Long before it was trendy my mother had traditional Ikats hanging on our walls, greeting us everyday. I just can't get enough of that 'ethnic chic' look in interiors. I just made that up, 'ethnic chic'. I love any kinda hand dyed, batik like fabric, Indian block prints, African Kuban textiles, you name it...pretty much any fabric representing culture.

Anyway. I'm drumming up a plan to use some Ikat in my new house, an oldie but goodie which I adore! I'm kicking myself now. I was in Bali last October, I could have easily picked up 12 yards of some amazing authentic Ikat off the side of the road. But back then all I could think about was how fast I could ride my moped to the beach, I had no clue I'd be a homeowner as of this Friday! Anyway, more on my projects later. They will all fall into place and be blog worthy in no time! For now I'll leave you with this pic. Lovely.

Make-Up Heaven

I don't spent much time on my make up...probably like 6 minutes every morning, if that. Not that I don't love make up, usually I've just spent a little too much time reading blogs in the morning instead of primping myself up for the day, and am only left with 6 minutes (after the time I was supposed to leave). Good thing I'm pretty much a blush & mascara kinda gal. Anyway, how heavenly is this little vanity area? It's a perfect spot to get ready while drinking your morning cup of jo. I love it! Once again, I find all that white so peaceful on my ever racing mind (and watch)!

Magazine Overload

If you're like me, you have magazines everywhere. What to do with them? I can't throw them away, it's like a complex I have. I love this clever way of hiding them under a Lucite console and coffee table. Unfortunately I think my husband would feel too cluttered using this organization method...but I'd like to have them at an arms reach!
July 13, 2009

French Bakers Rack

Last Friday Miss Mendi and I went and had a quick salad here, and of course we had to check out the shop on our way out. I fell in LOVE with this French Bakers Rack. I can't stop thinking about it, the hardware, the color, the size...it's just the perfect piece to hide a TV in!! It's slightly over our price range, and by slightly I mean not even in the ballpark...but at least I have the photos to keep the dream alive!
July 9, 2009

Porch Love

I love this colorful comfortable porch. Tim and I have one of those Javanese cane planters chairs from Indonesia. After seeing this photo, it might be going outside!

Drawing for Dummies

I need to learn to sketch better. Seriously. I'm terrible. I need to be able to put my ideas on paper. I am ordering these books right now, does anyone have any other recommendations? I would greatly appreciate it! Ta!


After seeing my friends Jess & Kate's latest yoga pictures..I've decided I really need to get off my butt, stop eating snowballs and drinking beer, and focus on my practice once again! I find it hard to go inside a dark yoga studio with no windows in the middle of the afternoon on a summer day. But seeing my old teachers rock out in standing bow, it totally inspires me to get back practicing more than my measly twice a week! Aren't they amazing? I miss you girls!!!


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