February 8, 2010

Case of the Lucks

When my sister Kate was little she used to say someone had, "a case of the lucks" instead of being lucky. At Urban Market this weekend, I had a case of the lucks! I found this 19th century French Commode...for such a great price I'm embarrassed to tell you. My friend Courtney found some great stuff too, I just didn't photograph it because my hands were numb, it was pretty chilly! Obviously I have some accessorizing to do...fun!


LLH Designs said...

Not sure how I found your blog, but I love your Urban Market find! A definite case of the lucks (cute!). I often blog about Urban Market finds as well, but this time I posted about the rain boots rather than the purchases. Funny, but they were everywhere!

Courtney said...

Meg!! What a fabulous find and it's going to look perfect in your house. WOW I love this piece!

va.bene. said...

oh sista....always got those lucks. best looking commode i've ever seen:)

somebody said...



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