March 11, 2010

Trade Off

I found out yesterday that I have to have a root canal. Yuck. Gross. Ew. EEk. I don't mind the actual procedure. It's the 'investment in my health' that is driving me crazy. I have spent so much money at the dentist in the past two months that it is making me nauseous. And we have insurance. I'm talking like I could have drapes made for two rooms for this price. Or a nice French antique. Or 4 of the 8 custom dining chairs I want to have made. It's a lot to chew.

It just dawned on me that I wish I could 'trade services' with my dentist. She's always asking me about my work and being in interior design and what's it like and what the clients are like and where to buy things..blah blah. She's unusually interested in the details. The crown I have to get after the root canal is another $800. She could get a lot of design hours out of me for $800. All the small business owners in Boulder used to trade services all the time, furniture for acupuncture. Or yoga for lingerie. Come on Dr., it's a brilliant idea!!! Do you think she'll bite?

Ahhh.... Wouldn't that be nice.



Dressing On The Side said...

do it! the worst she can do is say "no"--and even if she does she'll always remember you and one day contact you for your services.

Courtney said...

Sounds perfectly normal to me! :)

LindsB said...

It cant hurt to ask- I mean the worst she can say is no, but at least you tried

Stephanie said...

BUMMER! Sorry about the root canal. I've had plenty of dental work in my lifetime- it's a good investment. It's like putting a price on your health- you just can't. You might as well ask your dentist.

Meg said...

Thanks for the encouragement guys! I might do it! I have nothing to lose, and I'm already losing $800. I know, investment in my health, priceless (kinda but not). I wish my dentist read my blog!

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