April 20, 2010

Bamboo Makeup Brushes

These are the chicest things ever. I'm going to get some. They would look really cute sitting in a beaker on my bathroom counter. Available at Target. Discovered at HB.


Michelle said...

Love her stuff! Those are really cute, plus I'm in the market for some new brushes... thanks for posting!

Courtney said...

OMG I LOVE THESE SO MUCH!!! Gosh I miss Target!

Meg said...

Michelle, totally agree!

Court, I"m sending you some when I pick mine up this week ;)
I miss you, come back to me!

Alex said...

very cool brushes. When I first saw them thought they would be a high end line of brushes. It's great that they sell em at target!!

Courtney said...

So Will and Sarah's shipment recently arrived and in addition to getting the fabric and my rug, I also had ordered like 10 bottles of Caldrea hand soap. Dettol eat your heart out! I'm in hog's heaven.

somebody said...



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