May 25, 2010

Fine Ottoman

Miss Mendi (my design obsessed mama) sent me these photos of this fine ottoman she saw in DC a couple of weekends ago. She knew I'd die. I did. I died. I want it. She got the ladies card. I want her rug source! The colors! We love Persian carpets. The older and more torn up, the better. During our days in Singapore, we shopped for carpets together until we couldn't see straight! We would sit on stacks of carpets a mile high and just critique carpet after carpet, like we were the worlds carpet experts or something. But I have to say, Miss Mendi's collection is pretty gorgeous! I think we did a pretty good job of picking hers out. I miss those days!

I started my own little carpet collection a couple of months ago at Round Top. I bought this little guy for my kitchen (which is mostly black and white) from some Afghani guys who were down from New York. It's hard to see in this photo but it's really worn and uneven. I like that about it, 100% handmade! Unfortunately this iphone camera makes it look a little brighter than in real life, but you get the gist.

I've been looking for a big 6'x 9' for my entry... I'll let you know how I get on!


Kate LeSueur said...

I forgot to discuss this with you!! These are so awesome-- you know mama was on a mission!! In Fred Vegas too...who knew

Sara said...

Love them both! Great colors!

Anonymous said...


There is a guy over on Old Katy Design Center that has a rug gallery. You can really deal with him on prices. He has a good following of designers, and is very knowledgeable on rugs. His name is Nami. You can tell him that Susan sent you, but he is a great resource for clients. (this is the Susan that is good friends with Helen and Mac!!!)

Pink to Green said...

That ottoman is nuts; love it!

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lovesmukiwa said...

Im not going to lie.. I have this exact same carpet! I love it.

joven said...

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somebody said...


Tove Bormes said...

We're pretty passionate about old textiles, and the many uses you can come up with for them, too. When you have a little time, check out Tons of vintage and antique carpets, kilims, copper, etc!

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