June 2, 2010

American Apparel

My husband filled me in that American Apparel is in financial trouble...NO! I often find great things in there. I went in yesterday, and guess what came home with me? This fantastic bra. I wanted it in every color..but I settled on a great magenta pink called, "Baton Rouge".

Then I got this cream and navy striped bra. Super cute too!

Then I found these super preppy seersucker shorts, so UN-American Apparel, I love them!

Last but not least was another one of these great tanks, I have it in other colors but picked up this fun coffee color.

If you add four things in your closet, you have to come home throw out four things that you never wear. And I did. Every time I come home from a vacation I always get the urge to clean out my drawers and closets and pare down a little. Moral of the story, support American Apparel and shop, buy some cute Made in the USA stuff!


Kate LeSueur said...

I went crazy when I was there the other week too!!! They are really upping their game...maybe because JCrew is now dominating the world, they have to keep up. I was so stoked about those bras...you know I'll never grow out of a training bra.

Meg said...

Me neither! I want one in EVERY color of those lace! I want turquoise but they don't have it. Don't you love that color 'baton rouge'! So funny!

Brilliant Asylum said...

I love how soft American Apparel clothes are, but I have always hated how small the sizes run. I wonder if that has something to do with their distress. Average size people do not want to buy clothes with "extra large" on the tag.

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