August 30, 2010

Gray Bedrooms

A friend recently asked me about paint colors for a gray bedroom. It was great timing, just painted my bedroom gray! Unfortunately my bedroom isn't quite photographable (is that a word?) yet.. but in a few weeks I'll give you a sneak peak. I painted mine a medium tone, and after seeing these pictures I'm sorta wishing I would have done something deep, dark and dramatic!

I love this dining room and living room too...just in case someone needs gray somewhere outside of their bedroom.

Unfortunately these images do not have a source...sorry :(

August 26, 2010

I Love Blue & White

Isn't this gorgeous? I would love to go visit my friend in Asia and pick up a nice collection of Chinese Blue & White!

August 25, 2010

Party Bonus

There are so many good things going on right now. I'm having a big party on Friday, October 1st. You're all invited. It's the launch party! Seriously though, if you're in Houston or near by and a. want to come hang out and meet me (my sister, my mom etc), b. want drink a delicious LeSueur Interiors inspired cocktail with sonic ice, c. are keen to meet some cool design obsessed Houstonites, d. get to take home a LeSueur Interiors 'Lagniappe' candle as a party favor, and the bonus is: d. you get to snoop around my house ... you're more than welcome (and email me your address so you get an invitation). OK, can't wait to see you all over here!
One bonus of a party is getting to do exactly that, party. Drink, dance, visit, laugh, have a good time. The other bonus is that you go crazy fixing your house up and so much gets done "for the party". I've been crazy, I love it. I have a little powder bathroom renovation going on including a wallpaper that I need a second mortgage for. And my deck needs major sprucing. The bar is going on my deck. I keep thinking maybe people will be so focused on my delicious cocktail they won't look over at my neighbor's junk yard? Hum, probably not. I need a solution. I am thinking about these awesome antiqued French pots :

Imagine x 3. A lemon tree, orange tree, kumquat tree. So chic. Hides the neighbor's jacuzzi that lives at the end of their driveway, well..a little.
August 24, 2010

10 Things I Can't Live Without

Paloma of La Dolce Vita graciously invited me to take part in her, " 10 Things I Can't Live Without" series. I have had such a great time getting to know Paloma, as we're both here in Houston. Pop on over to and check out my things and all the other goodness on LDV!
August 19, 2010

Pink to Green

You can find me today over at Pink to Green! Megan is on a trip up north and asked me to fill in while she's away. Megan and I go way back to our middleschool days spent in Chicago, I jumped on the opportunity to contribute to her great blog! Enjoy!
August 18, 2010

KL Photography

Photoshoot at my house yesterday. launching October 1st. Sneak Peak below.Hire her, she's worth it.

Frantic bookshelf re-arranging lead to perfect photo opp.

Workspace Artspace

I could get a lot of work done at this desk. Liking the bar cart and dangerously close liquor only an arms length away!
August 9, 2010

Birds of a Feather

Never underestimate the power of a good thrift store pop in. These birdies flew to a new home, by way of my trunk. They are original etchings by Dan Mitra. Blue Heron & Louisiana Heron. I'm in love! They are currently flocking to get re-framed.


August 2, 2010

Quilted Wood Wall

Sorry for being so MIA lately, we've been out of town. One of our dearest friends got married this past weekend in Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is one the most beautiful places I've been to in this country. We had an absolute blast. In Tahoe, there is never a cloud in the sky! The bride's parents have a home in Northstar, we'd been there before but hadn't seen the newly developed Village. As soon as we arrived I couldn't stop staring at this quilted wooden wall behind the reception desk. It took my breath away. Fine design is all over the place.

I'm taking off again out of town tomorrow and will try to pop in here and there with more inspirational iphone pics!


is. HOT.

Anthropologie always seems to inspire.


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