August 24, 2010

10 Things I Can't Live Without

Paloma of La Dolce Vita graciously invited me to take part in her, " 10 Things I Can't Live Without" series. I have had such a great time getting to know Paloma, as we're both here in Houston. Pop on over to and check out my things and all the other goodness on LDV!


Kate at Dream To Life said...

I found you on Paloma's blog! I love it! Such inspiring things...thanks for the post!


Morning T said...

Hi Meg- Greetings from a fellow Houstonian. I've been sucked into your blog for awhile this am and it's lovely! So glad Paloma shared you with us.

Pink to Green said...

Meg! Your custom blend candle is amazing... I'm so intrigued! Beautiful post, love reading it and I'll be sure to send you a link to the Cherry stuff on my blog for the sweet tea, I think you'll love it because you can use it for a bunch of mixed drinks too!

Meg said...

Thanks for reading ladies! :) Megan..dying for that cherry syrup! :)

Amalia said...

Although I am living far far away from you (Rhodes, Greece) I think we have a lot of things in common!
Good luck to your new projects!


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