September 22, 2010

Curious About Paint?

For Rachel's furniture paint section, I would only add that when painting furniture I'd use an oil based paint. I think it looks richer. But you have to use an oil based primer too if you go that route.

I am with Rachel 100 % on interiors, I also always paint walls flat. AND I would also always paint bathrooms eggshell, I painted mine flat recently and it already needs to be repainted with an eggshell finish. Benjamin Moore paint is the best. I just painted my whole house in the premium Aura line, it was worth every penny.


Southern Exposure said...

Thanks for the mention, Meg! You are definitely right about the oil paint - it does give a nicer finish but I am usually too lazy to use it because I hate the clean up. If I didn't have to sand and clean, painting would actually be fun :)



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