September 30, 2010

Let's Play Pretend.

Fantasy for today.

I want a wild colored door ....SO bad. Orange, turquoise, eggplant...PINK.

Behind that pink door lies my baby Frenchie named Jean-Luc. He only responds to you if you pronounce his name in a French accent, "jahn-lewk".

Behind Jean-Luc, you enter my little Parisian pied-a-terre which looks something like this...
I know y'all are probably sick of seeing images with that formula I love, white walls, wood floors, insane bookshelves, antique mirrors, Persian rugs, tons of art, leather chairs.....NO tv's. I never ever get tired of it.
When I feel like picking up some flowers, these are just a few steps way from that pink door.
Do y'all like my closet?

After a long day of shopping and designing Jean-Luc and I curl up with a magazine and glass of NZ sav in this chair...

I am sure dreams one day become reality...

Images: here & here


arre said...

and then i come over to borrow those killer cobalt heels and end up pulling the chair from your dressing table into your library and pouring myself a glass of sav ... and then i forget the shoes ;)

oh to be real friends with you!

Meg said...

hahahah :) Love it Arre!!!! We need to drink bloody's in Nola together SOOON

Regina Hilary said...

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