October 5, 2010

Bamboo Chairs

For my party I rented these great looking folding bamboo chairs. I think people liked them better than they liked things in my house! No, I'm just kidding...but they sure were a big hit. So much of a hit that I'm going to buy some to have on hand for future parties. And I found them at Tar-jay. Who knew? We sorta want to have a Mad Men party next...what do you think?


Averill said...

Those are cute -- I need some for my back porch!

So sorry I missed your big party...unfortunately I've been crazed by work recently and was traveling all of last week! I want to see more party pics though!!!

Meg said...

No worries Averill! I missed catching up with you though, we need a Houston bloggers fall lunch soon! Before you and Lauren have those babies! :) You totally need these for your new outdoor look!

Sara said...

Great party, and I totally noticed the chairs! They looked great, will be nice to have to pull out!

Chris said...

The bamboo chairs look great. Mad Men party for sure- are you choosing specific characters?!

iliana said...

if you do a houston bloggers party, let me know. i might be able to set something up at chipotle:)


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