October 28, 2010

Library Ladder.

When I first saw our house, it was decorated like this.

I knew I wanted this to be our house. Tim was super busy and couldn't find time to go see it. He trusted me, and we put an offer on it. Which was accepted I think before he even set foot inside. Scary!

Anyway, I only saw it once, but I knew I wanted floor to ceiling bookshelves, with a big ole library ladder. I sourced some up in Wisconsin or Michigan, and just FYI they run about $800-$1200 for ladder + rails.
This is our house now, that very.same.room.

Then we moved in. That HUGE space I remembered was small. We only had room for a skinny bookshelf. A library ladder would take up the whole area. We still did the shelves. And no, they are not built in. A lot of people have asked me and assumed that they are. They are actually Ikea, and we stacked them on top of each other to fit. It was lucky. And a total pain in the butt putting 4 of those suckers together and heaving them on top of each other. The end result is totally totally worth it. In fact, some of my clients who moved to Nigeria got similar shelves for their house there, and I'm dying to see/share pics when that container finally arrives to Lagos!

When I saw this photo, I couldn't help but drool a little. Still want one of those ladders one day!


Jane said...

That is a really beautiful transformation and I cannot believe how clever and simple the idea of stacking the Ikea shelves is.

We do have a separate library room with shelves up to the ceiling and a ladder on a rail. We use the ladder a lot. So do the children and the cat. But I agree it is only worthwhile if you have lots of shelves.

I posted about it somewhere here:


Devon said...

I am loving the frame wall and the lights surrounding the frame wall. GORGEOUS Meg!

I'm laughing reading your entry--as you know, I bought our house without the hubbie seeing it either! These men definitely have some faith. For you, definitely a good thing. I think my husband has had to shake his head more than once. :)

David and Carley Morgan said...

We can't wait for our shelves and container to arrive either! Hopefully not long now... hopefully...

Fran said...

Your room is sooo fabulous! Genius - I say.... w/stacking the ikea bookshelves. Love all your elements - caned back chair, ikat fabric, and the mirror! Gorgeous! I'm your newest follower!

My Interior Life said...

Love your living room! Stacking the IKEA bookcases was inspired. And those ikat chairs are fabulous. Is that a designer fabric?

Love your blog! My daughter's name is Meg so I knew I'd like you!

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casey at loft and cottage said...

Oh, I love a library with a ladder. Your room is such a beautiful transformation. Great idea to stack the shelves! And those chairs, that fabric, and the mirror on the shelves...Love.

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Jennifer Nicole said...

Hello! I just came across this post and FELL IN LOVE with what you did. Amazing! I made a short post about the project over at my blog with a link back to yours. Very very creative. Great job!

Jen of Made By Girl said...

Im TOTALLY amazed....you did a fantastic job, and it seems like your entire living room is just as PRETTY!


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