November 30, 2010

Jam Sandwich

My sister Kate and I lived the first few years of our lives munching nothing but jelly sandwiches. Our HELP, Miss Audrey, fed us a disgusting amount of white bread/grape jelly and butter, a lot of butter, until we were nothing but rolls. Were we the only ones eating them? Who else had jelly sandwiches? Is that a southern thing or a "miss audrey" thing? Those were the days. The 80's.
Fantastic Image, which reminds me exactly of me and kate: here
One other note on jam sandwiches. I'm in a bit of a jam sandwich over the holidays. Would someone please freeze this day, November 30th for a few weeks, and then can we have the holidays? Signing off. The Grinch.

A Colonial Style Balinese Grass Hut

Love Stuart Memberry's colonial twist on his Balinese abode in Seminyak, Bali. This is not your ordinary grass hut island house. But yes, it has a grass roof. I love that.

Remember two years ago Tim and I spent a few weeks with our friends who live in Seminyak hanging out. Those were the days! Everyday was (in this order) : internet cafe, lunch at a local warung, beach, nap, cards, beach, indo beers on ku de ta's beach, dinner, more beers, sometimes mango vodka, more cards, maybe some more beach again depending if we went out that night. So fun.

I am so attracted to anything that looks 'colonial'. White, teak, ebony floors, bamboo, tropical foliage, linen, rattan, celadon and a little blue and white thrown in the mix, heaven. I think those formative years spent in Singapore created this little attraction! I think all beach houses should be done this way.

Well done Stuart, you're living the dream!
November 29, 2010

hello? anybody home?

so mia. sorry about that. busy busy busy bee over here.

what's going on with you?

Around here:
-have new clients, some near, some far
-traveled to louisiana for thanksgiving
-ate a lot
-need to exercise a lot now to make up for all that pecan pie and creamed spinach
-i love being from the south
-have a big ass antique patchwork kilim rug in the back of my car
-i'm freaking out over it, it's pretty pretty
-i will do anything to paint a house head to toe in F&B's hague blue
-that is a major itch i need to scratch. aka paint. who wants it?
-over thanksgiving my cousin asked me how much time i waste, spend, blogging.
-the answer to that is a lot. i am working on time management right now. it might involve blogging with no punctuation. bare with me.
-in one day and 3 hours it will be december
-it's still september in my mind right now, which is a problem.

paris. i miss you.
miles, you and your highgloss hague makes my heart flutter

images: here

November 22, 2010

New York in a NutShell.

Let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time, my husband Tim, decided he liked long distance running and training. Over the years he participated in marathons and this summer, and IronMan triathlon. But his dream was the New York Marathon. His Dad ran it in '91, 19 years later it was Tim's turn. This fall, we planned a trip to New York to watch Tim tick off this item on his bucket list. Since we were going to New York, I decided I should take advantage and go early, hang with friends and do some work up there. Then since we were already in New York, Tim's mom and I decided we should head over to London. Then we sorta though, since we're in London, we might as well pop over to Paris for a few days. That's what happened, thanks Tim for signing up for that race. We had a great trip. This is Chapter 1. New York.
Beautiful Interior Oil that belongs to my friend ebay find, gorgeous huh? I stayed with Laurie at her cute little flat. Laurie and I went to high school together in Singapore. We're still great buddies. She works for Coach, and used to work for Gourmet, RIP Gourmet. She's super creative and does tons of photo styling and editing.

Laurie's neighbor in Murray Hill. Love that Foxy Door Knocker.

Laurie, Alan, and I are at a book signing for David Wondrich's "Punch".
Then we had a lovely dinner at David Chang's trendy Ssam Bar. Get the pork buns if you go. Highly recommended.

Oh hello Johnny D. Love you.

Drinks at Peels. Jess, Nick, Laurie and I had a great time..a little too much fun. These 'friends' in the back ground wanted in on the action, either that or they really wanted our prime seats at the bar. (by the way, when you google 'peels nyc' a LOT of cosmetic clinics pop up..kinda funny)

Kinda died at my version of Mecca.

Loved these peeling plastered walls.

Died again at Madeline. She's my style hero. I picked out dhurries for my future nursery, boy version and girl version. No, I'm not pregnant, I just like to plan ahead and dream a little.

Samuel & Sons. Pretty much died and went to trim heaven. So fine.

Secondhand Rose Vintage Wallpapers. These papers are a lot of fun.

One of my drinks at Peels. Got out of order. Wups. I love pink and orange together.

I bought this. Sent it home with Tim shoved jam packed in his suitcase. Made him put his sweaty marathon clothes in his carry on. I admit, I have an illness.

Kenya's Edna Kiplagat, winner of the women. Did I mention we scored these awesome vip-ish spots to watch it from?

Ethiopia's Gerbre Gebrmariam, winning the men's race.
This cutie was watching it near us.
Team Tim Supporters!
FDNY came out to watch! Even with the world's latest technology tracking Tim, we still managed to miss him run past us. That's because the runners were packed in like this. 45,000 + runners. Insane.

Fall in the park.
There's our guy! Finished! Congrats Tim! Such a fun week in New York. Next up, London. Although this post took me about 3 days get up, so with the break I might not be posting London and Paris for a while Bare with me..I'm having to pick up on all the work I completely ditched the last 2 weeks....eek! Gobble Gobble.
November 18, 2010

Love Where You Live

I just got back from Europe last night and had a wonderful time. I'm a little groggy this morning and I have a busy day including listening to Barry Dixon speak, exciting. Can't wait to show y'all pics from my trip and catch up! I missed my husband so much, I think this was the longest we'd been apart in the last 3 years!

In the mean time, Susan from Love Where You Live, posted a nice piece about me the other day. It includes some fun decorating tips and before & afters of my house...check it out! Thanks Susan!
November 12, 2010

Notes from Paris Deux

so in love with Paris again, forgot how much this city makes my heart skip beats

- my french is returning a petit peu, our waitor one night gave us dinner menus in french, but then dessert ones in english...damn, we blew our cover, we look french, just dont talk like it

- my belle mere robyn is a hero, she flea marketed with me in the freezing cold and pouring rain for about 3 hours, we bought the least packing and travelling friendly things ever, if i get arrested at gare du nord later for a huge horn carving knife, you know where i got busted

- our last shop yesterday was a gorgeous shop full of bijoux; robyn couldn't decide between two pairs of earings, the woman said, "c'est comme la dessert et le fromage". it was so true, donc, she bought both. bien sur.

- another waitor asked where I was from, I replied (embarrassingly) Texas, he replied, "chez pas paris". i cried a little.

- merci lived up to it's expectations, so did bon ton (i did not jinx myself and buy anything in bonton)

- Loft design by is our new fave. so obsessed

- back to Londres tonight, tres tres tres triste. good thing I'm coming back in mai (yes Tim, I'm coming back in the printemps)

- our taxi is here in cinq minutes, better go ask the lady who runs the hotel if she found out the paint colors of the lobby


love you paris, M
November 10, 2010

A few notes from paris

- iphone blogging sucks
-my french is terrible (say terrible in a french accent but the rest in american english and you'll get my drift)
- which makes me sad my gazillions of years studying the language is failing me, tres triste. pathetique. vraiment.
-the euro star is fast, next time you're in london, take it to paris, you wont regret it
-cafe flore in st. germain is still as chic as ever and an afternoon chocolat chaud at angelinas was divine
-spent dollas at collette and didn't let the snobby haters that work there burst my first day in paris in 6 years bubble
-dinner including a boozy drink are on the cards now
-hotel st.beuve and david hicks are inspiring me beyond. my mother in law might leave me here if she hears me gush about another drapery detail, art placement, color combo..the list goes on.
-don't let me forget to buy another memory card demain.
- a special note to france and england if you're reading-iphones are useless without free wifi. merci.
-no pics, see note 1.
November 8, 2010

London Calling

Had a great whirlwind trip to NYC

My husband kicking butt and taking names in the marathon

Hanging with my great pals Laurie, Allen, Colleen and Felipe

Meeting and drinking with new pals Jess, Nick, Catherine, and Will

John Derian, ABC, D&D, Madewell, my new quilted Hunter boots and all the other insane amount of shopping/sourcing I did

Shopping for antique carpets on the side of the road in the middle of Manhattan, so many stories to come!

Next Stop: London

See you later loves
November 2, 2010

Get your Lagniappe Candles!


LeSueur Interiors: Lagniappe Candles!

Urban Market:

When? This weekend!

Saturday, November 6th - 4-6pm


Sunday, November 7th 9-4pm.

Where? Houston!

607 E. Whitney Drive Houston, Tx 77022

Get your candles (awesome stocking stuffers and hostess gifts) at the Red Chair booth and meet my friend Karen there!

Also, Carolyn Westbrook is going to be selling and signing her book!


The Lagniappe Candle will also be for sale at Margaret Rotan Photography's booth at the River Oaks Country Club Holiday Boutique Sale this weekend!


Sunday, November 8, 2009 at 4:00pm - Monday, November 9, 2009 at 4:00pm


River Oaks Country Club
1600 River Oaks Boulevard
Houston, TX

Happy Shopping this weekend folks! Looks like people are already getting their Christmas on!

Paper Hands Wallpaper

Let me tell you a little story. My brother in-law Chris lives in Dubai. He's engaged to a sweet Kiwi girl named El, short for Eleanor. They are getting married in El's home town in the Hawkes Bay region (east coast of New Zealand) this coming March. We're super excited about the wedding. El has a huge family. One of her thousands of cousins is this guy named Ben. Ben makes this SUPER cool hand-made wallpaper in Martinborough, New Zealand. His wife Helen is a wine maker, and now also a wallpaper maker. Some of New Zealand's best wines come from Martinborough. Just a little FYI. Anyway, back to the point, Ben & Helen's company is called Paper Hands. I really love that 'Oh Deer' pattern in the blue/green. The brown one would go seemingly well in Texas. I like that other one called 'Vices' too. Although it looks like a pretty botanical, it's really sketches of substances: juniper, hops, coffee, tobacco and cocaine. Kinda sassy huh? You'd never know. Do you like these? If you can't live without one of them I'm sure I can order some for you. I think they are pretty rad. A little shout out to El's mum, Marion, for informing me about the one and only hand made wallpaper company in New Zealand. Thanks Marion! Ben, we'll meet in March at the wedding and talk wallpaper and all things interior design over a nice Martinborough Pinot!

Out of the 64 crayola crayon box, it would be one of my favorites.

Open Shelves

Cool or Messy?

Kinda on the fence about these. They are super trendy, and usually look great when they are styled properly. But how many kitchens do you know of that are constantly/perfectly styled?


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