November 30, 2010

Jam Sandwich

My sister Kate and I lived the first few years of our lives munching nothing but jelly sandwiches. Our HELP, Miss Audrey, fed us a disgusting amount of white bread/grape jelly and butter, a lot of butter, until we were nothing but rolls. Were we the only ones eating them? Who else had jelly sandwiches? Is that a southern thing or a "miss audrey" thing? Those were the days. The 80's.
Fantastic Image, which reminds me exactly of me and kate: here
One other note on jam sandwiches. I'm in a bit of a jam sandwich over the holidays. Would someone please freeze this day, November 30th for a few weeks, and then can we have the holidays? Signing off. The Grinch.


Devon said...

Hope all is ok. We didn't eat jam or jelly sandwiches. Instead, we pounded mac and cheese with cut-up hot dogs and ketchup. The end result was the same.

benson said...

oh my gosh. we would eat white bread with applesauce on it/fold it up and it's a ...popover? gross. the midwest. gotta love it.

Meg said...

these hotdog mac and cheeses with popovers for dessert are making me laugh so hard! :)

Anonymous said...

Slices of Farmers Cheese with strawberry jam- that was our "Polish" version of jam sandwiches. Good and fat and yummy!
Theresa Emerson

Anonymous said...

I loved jelly sandwiches!! Totally forgot about them until this minute...and yes they had as much butter as a PBJ would have peanut butter!

Kate LeSueur said...

Are we sure that wasn't actually me in that photo??? Welch's grape. Triple decker. Yes please.

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