November 2, 2010

Open Shelves

Cool or Messy?

Kinda on the fence about these. They are super trendy, and usually look great when they are styled properly. But how many kitchens do you know of that are constantly/perfectly styled?


Sara said...

Ya, not sure I could keep mine all together!! LOVE that brick floor!!!

arre said...

hell to the no! it does look cute in mags but the thought of having to keep even my kithen shelves organized is more than i care to worry with!

Jennifer said...

you definitely have to have pretty "stuff" and plenty of closed storage to hide the uglies!

Meg said...

My thoughts exactly! I'm WAY to un organized. I'm not even sure if I like the 'organized clutter' look of the shelves. A little too 'restaurant kitchen' for me.

Courtney said...

JJ can't stand this look! And unless Helen is coming back to live with me forever, ummmm no. Can you imagine the dust and kitchen gritties that must rest on all your stuff, all the time? I don't want to re-wash everything everytime I go to use it.

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

I'm with you -- this open shelf action looks decent in pics, but largely unrealistic day-to-day.

Totally off-topic, I wanted to ask about your experience with Saint Parfum. I've started working with Spence on a custom Nero fragrance and I was wondering if you were pleased/thrilled with the process?
I started making some candles at home for fun, but I'd like to go more consistent and higher-end with the formulas.
I noticed your beautiful candle seems relatively affordable, so I assume at this point you're mainly using them as a super-chic vehicle to get your name out there. This is pretty much what I'm hoping to get with the Nero version -- that and the personal enjoyment of a custom blend.
Anyway, don't mean to fill up your comments section here, but didn't have your email ; )
Chat soon, Alcira

Meg said...

Hey Alcira! send me a quick note at and I'll write back answers to your questions! Thanks!

Lissa @ After Adornment said...

I agree....Love the look but don't think it would be for me. I am in no way that organized!
Love your blog!!!

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