November 1, 2010

Ready for Cold.

Remember #2 from my list this morning? Accomplished. Ready for all the cold weather New York, London and Paris have to offer. Bring it.


Averill said...

Jealous! I can't believe how humid/warm it is here in Htown right now.

Meg said...

It's MISERABLE Averill! This morning was like so so so humid!

I hope you're feeling ok, I'm so sorry about your pup.

Courtney said...


Megan said...

I almost bought something just like this last year and kick myself time and again for not pulling the trigger-it is fabulous, Meg! Have a wonderful trip!!

Meg said...

Thanks yall. By noon tomorrow I'll have set foot in Manhattan, jacked up on caffine wearinga fur.... stay tuned!


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