February 24, 2010

Ancient Indian Beauty Regimes

When we were having a drink and snooping around the Oberoi Hotel of Agra back in November 2008, I saw this book in the gift shop. I didn't buy it because we were traveling and on a budget and I couldn't be bothered carrying it all over India. I just remembered about it last week, ordered it, read it in about two days. Traveling through India I was so fascinated by the women, their clothes, hair, jewelry, and general beauty. I even bought hair oil while I was there to try to keep up, obviously a few doses of hair oil doesn't compare to a lifetime of a strict beauty regime.
I was particularly obsessed with the sari, which is one of the most beautiful garments on this earth. If you're interested in Indian culture and want a neat read, I highly recommend this book. Now I just need to get to my local Indian grocer to pick up chickpea flour and other ingredients for body pastes and other at home treatments!

February 22, 2010

Canopy Beds

image: here
I love this bedroom, that's all. Running so late on this Monday morning, of course!
February 19, 2010

I Love Books

Last night I was driving to the park to go for a run after work. I saw a little neon homemade sign on my Mom's street that said, "Estate Sale". I stopped. I bought. $25 later I had these books: You know, it's totally this look for less. I love these Penguin Classics as much as the next person, but at $20/each the collection can get expensive. My favorite new additions from my estate sale case of the lucks: Cecil Beaton's Biography, a French/English Dictionary, The Story of Philosophy, The Treasury of Short Stories, and The Holy Bible.
February 18, 2010


I desperately want to re-do my bathroom. It is absolutely tiny, but I think with a few glammed up details, it could look fabulous. These images are delicious....that silk shade looks like a wedding dress rumpled on a window, how beautiful! And don't even get me started on that faucet above...

images: here

February 17, 2010

Tory Burch in India

I've been thinking a lot about my friend Courtney off on her adventure to India! Thinking about her trip has reminded me to reflect on our trip that we took there 18 months ago. India was my favorite country we went to on our around the world trip; nothing beats the culture, colors, beauty and sounds of India! I just came across some images of Tory Burch's trip to India last fall. Boy, I wished I had looked that good when I traveled by train and rickshaw all around India!
Tory visited Anokhi's block printing factory, what an incredible place that must be! I loved shopping at Anokhi in Delhi and Jaipur. I still wear my Anokhi tunic all the time around Houston!

Tory also went to the Gem Palace in Jaipur, an absolute MUST when visiting India. It's jewelry heaven...I nearly died in there over excitement. My favorites are the uncut diamond bracelet bangles...gorgeous.

Seeing these images are so inspiring for anyone into jewelry, textiles, and fashion, architecture, or interiors; I hope to get back there sooner than later!
February 8, 2010

It's All in the Details

I was in Ellouise Abbott yesterday. I stopped in my tracks over this chair. It put me in a tizz. I selfishly snuck a few iphone pics to feed my addiction. The details. Lawd, the details. They kill me.

A Little Dose of Irony

Tonight, right at 5:30 it started raining cats and dogs. Flooding, tornado warnings, sideways rain, stinging rain, the whole bit. I, of course, decided it was wise to dash into the grocery store on my way home anyway. I got soaked, the groceries got soaked, eggs broke, it was messy. Then I picked up Tim, he couldn't possibly bike home in this weather. We made it home eventually, people were driving like 10mph and the roads were a nightmare. We were coming in the house, in the pouring rain, and Tim picked up a long box that was in our yard. It was soaking wet. Literally, water gushing out of the bottom on to our wooden floors.

I was mad. So mad. So mad at that freaking post man who was too lazy to bring that box to our porch. Mad that I was wet, mad that it was raining, hungry for dinner, mad that egg yolk was dripping down a wet bag of groceries. Yes, I went for paper bags, it was a mess.

I couldn't even think what was in that box. The only thing I thought it could be was a sketch from Russia I recently bought on Ebay. I was cursing this bleeping Russian for probably not wrapping up this cheap art in plastic.

Then I opened it up. Inside was an umbrella. AN UMBRELLA. From Devon. Sweet Devon, my bloggin' pal. Sweet Devon who had her first giveaway, and I was the lucky winner. This happened only like a week or two ago. I've been so busy I completely forgot about this umbrella!

Then I was laughing my head off. The irony! It was like out of a book! The pouring rain. The cursing, the wet groceries. The wet box, and inside was an umbrella. That says, "Merde, il pleut." Damn, I love French.

Thanks Devon. You're the best. Your umbrella is the best. This little giveaway played a joke on me this afternoon. Made me think about how silly I was getting all bent out of shape over a little rain. Next time I get caught, I won't get wet, and I'll let my umbrella do the cursing!

A good use...

image: here via here
...of a bamboo table. My friend Courtney got one of these on Sunday at Urban Market. What a great inspiration photo of what to do with it!

Case of the Lucks

When my sister Kate was little she used to say someone had, "a case of the lucks" instead of being lucky. At Urban Market this weekend, I had a case of the lucks! I found this 19th century French Commode...for such a great price I'm embarrassed to tell you. My friend Courtney found some great stuff too, I just didn't photograph it because my hands were numb, it was pretty chilly! Obviously I have some accessorizing to do...fun!
February 5, 2010

I love a...

...bathroom with furniture. So cozy.
February 3, 2010

Ben's Sister

Yesterday I was thumbed through an old notebook that I took on our trip around the world. Some of the pages I can hardly read because of all of the scribble. One thing I noticed was, "benssister.co.uk" jotted down sideways. I clicked on it. I remembered.
February 2, 2010

Who Dat Gonna Beat Dem Saints?

I love being from Louisiana!


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