March 31, 2010

Round Top Round Up Spring '10

Here are some Iphone photos of things that struck my fancy at Round Top on Monday. I have more from yesterday, the only thing I've come home with is a little stool not pictured here. I am going back on Friday, currently in negotiations over a Buffet De Corps. That easel below is my most favorite thing on earth. I think I might need to win the lottery between now and then to score the easel though....

The pug/bulldog was $995, NO JOKE, I was going to email my sis that picture and tell her I bought it. Ha. Ha. Ha.
March 29, 2010

Dedon's Thai Ads

These photos are incredible. Mostly because I know the model. We went to highschool together. She's gorgeous. The furniture is pretty amazing too. Gosh these photos make me want to hop on a plane and go to Thailand. Nothing like spending an an evening in a Thai night market. Bargaining for cheap souvenirs whilst sitting on designer outdoor furniture, sounds heavenly! Check em out again on the big screen, you won't be sorry!
March 26, 2010

Peace Out

Trying to relax this weekend, enjoying the calm before the storm that is Round Top for 3 days next week!
March 25, 2010

The Real Life of....

My dentist told me yesterday, while I was in the chair, with a mouth block and about 5 tubes stuck in there, that she'd love to be my partner in crime and drive around all day in my front seat. She said she imagines it to be so much fun to shop for furniture and home decor all day long. And that she'd love to hire me but she couldn't afford me. I was thinking to myself, this is it! This is the time I can ask her to swap services! Remember my plan?! I can't afford HER! Of course I couldn't speak, or respond back to her and after 2.5 hours, I was just dying to get out of there. I totally threw my dreams of our trade agreement out the window and busted out of there as quick as possible.

Ok. Let's keep this real for a second. First of all I love my job, my life and my chosen career path. I'm not 100% supporting myself through my own business yet, but am on the way. It's not as glamorous as just driving around shopping all day. A lot of the furniture I supply is custom made. Made in work rooms and factories all over this city, not in the finest parts of town. It has to be measured, designed, drawn. Fabrics, trims and finishes have to be selected. It's a lot more than popping into Ethan Allen and buying a sofa off the showroom floor. Also, I'd love to show y'all where she'd be riding in my car if this were to happen. Check this madness out. At 7am this morning that seat was completely covered with stuff, I had to move most of it to the back so Tim could sit there. I almost cried going out to take these pictures.
I can't believe I live in this mess all the time.
It's constant. It's my office. The sad part is that I was thinking this was sorta 'clean' cause I emptied 4 rolls of fabric out of there late yesterday afternoon. Welcome to the real life of Meg Lonergan: LeSueur Interiors. AND just for the record. I'm not out of her price range, she's never asked me what I charge. My book keeper says I'm 'competitive', not er, cheap.
March 19, 2010

Keep Calm & Carry On

I love these colors... relaxing to look at for the weekend ahead!

Images: unknown, sorry!

March 17, 2010

A Little Off Topic...

Last night I had a root canal. Advice from my mother was to have a smoothie for dinner. I prefer Jamba Juice, but for some reason my Garmin couldn't lead me to a close enough one, so I ran by Smoothie King. I asked for medium. I remember thinking, geez, $7 is kinda a lot for a medium smoothie. I did not see the cups behind the counter. A medium smoothie king is really a XXXXL. HUMONGOUS. I mean, really. This is why this nation is a little on the plump side. When I got it I was shocked; I thought... well, I'll definitely save half of this for tomorrow's breakfast.

THIS is why this nation is on the plump side. That thing was gone in 20 minutes. I'm actually disgusted. I think it was like 502 oz. I'm sorry that this post has nothing to do about anything. But I just had to share my shock over a "medium" smoothie in this country. And even more of a shock, I downed the whole thing in minutes. Before I knew it, it was gone. Anyway, that's it. Carry on with your other blog reading.

Wait, I mean, just look at this monster next to a normal sized coke. Hu-mon-gous.

Kiss Me! I'm Irish!

This is too much. Happy St. Patricks Day!

Image: here

March 16, 2010

More from MMR Interiors

New Orleans designer Melissa Rufty just updated some of her portfolio shots to her website. AMAZING. They make me drool.
March 13, 2010


This baby boy's nursery is precious. I love that pine play table in the middle of the room with those children's chairs!

Image: here

March 12, 2010

The Boyfriend Jean

I kinda ignored this trend last year. My sister was on the cutting edge wearing them all the time, with heals, flats, teeshirts and silk. I'm a little late on the boyfriend jean thing, surprise surprise. I popped into Banana Republic last week to look for some baggy shorts (ps, baggy shorts are impossible to find, Jcrew's 'boyfriend' shorts are teeny). I ended up winning a 50% off card when I walked in, so of course I stocked up on a new leather tote, Tim got some new work shirts, some basic tanks....and boy friend jeans. I haven't taken them off. Not one day. Tim hates them. HATES them. He says they look like, quote unquote, "Liz Claiborne". How on earth does he even know what Liz Claiborne is? Then he made a hilarious reference to a high school computer teacher of ours. (Kate you're probably laughing your head off) Moral of the story, they are insanely comfortable, I highly recommend them. And good thing I'm not trying to pick up a boyfriend, because boys hate them. But you know what? Surviving 100 degree Houston heat this summer in those baggy things is going to be a breeze!
March 11, 2010

Trade Off

I found out yesterday that I have to have a root canal. Yuck. Gross. Ew. EEk. I don't mind the actual procedure. It's the 'investment in my health' that is driving me crazy. I have spent so much money at the dentist in the past two months that it is making me nauseous. And we have insurance. I'm talking like I could have drapes made for two rooms for this price. Or a nice French antique. Or 4 of the 8 custom dining chairs I want to have made. It's a lot to chew.

It just dawned on me that I wish I could 'trade services' with my dentist. She's always asking me about my work and being in interior design and what's it like and what the clients are like and where to buy things..blah blah. She's unusually interested in the details. The crown I have to get after the root canal is another $800. She could get a lot of design hours out of me for $800. All the small business owners in Boulder used to trade services all the time, furniture for acupuncture. Or yoga for lingerie. Come on Dr., it's a brilliant idea!!! Do you think she'll bite?

Ahhh.... Wouldn't that be nice.


March 10, 2010

Embroidered & Appliqued Anything & Everything

If I started a little Etsy shop selling custom embroidered and appliqued pillows, shams, shower curtains, handtowels, would y'all buy them? Here are some little hand towels I just had done for one of my mom's guest rooms. That's my sister's pretty monogram! Let me know...
Excuse the iphone pic taken in my car at a red light.

White Bathrooms

And Embroidered Shades? Mmmmm....Cute.

Image: here

March 9, 2010

Black & Whites

Yesterday was my birthday, and one of my presents was this awesome book about Black and White houses in Singapore! I'm so excited about it, I have to share! My sweet Dad carried it all the way from Singapore and literally around the world through Europe while he was away on a work trip a few weeks ago. Black and White homes of Singapore's colonial era are iconic in their approach to tropical design and architecture. These 'Asian vernaculars' were mostly built around the turn of the century and have a sort of mock Tudor style architecture. The majority of the homes were built over a 25 year period mostly between 1910-1920 for English government officials, Singapore's colonial administration of that time.
They were generally two story homes, symmetrical in plan, with raised living rooms on stilts that were good in a damp, humid climate. The bottom floor is generally completely open to the outside to allow for natural breezes and ventilation to flow through. The black and white painted grass blinds are built in to keep the monsoon season out! They don't receive much natural light and have super high ceilings which keeps them cool and the air flowing.Images of a 'done' black and white: here
I've so enjoyed starting to read about all the famous black and white homes around Singapore. When I lived in Singapore, there was an abandoned Black and White at the end of our road. When Tim and I were high schoolers we used to sneak around inside and thought it was haunted. You can imagine how scary it looked! That home is photographed and talked about in this book! Black and Whites are usually pretty isolated, surrounded by the natural, tropical, jungle foliage. They usually have covered verandas wrapping around the sides.Images: here
You might remember about 18 months ago when we were traveling through Singapore, I visited a friend in her black and white, and it's pictured here. I hope you enjoyed my little history lesson, I think these are the most gorgeous homes! I love this architecture style and how well suited it is for a tropical climate.
March 7, 2010

And The Oscar Goes To...

For Best Dress: (which is the only reason why we watch the Oscars to be quite frank)

Rachel McAdams in Elle Saab -I want to design a room around these colors, most gorgeous fabric ever!
Diane Kruger in Chanel - Black and ecru will be forever chic.
Helen Mirren in Badgley Mischka - She looked stunning in the audience, the prettiest woman in the room! Gray never looked so good!
Penelope Cruz in Donna Karen - probably one of my least favorite colors, but only a drop dead gorgeous Spanish woman could pull it off!
And the very best for last: Tom Ford in Tom Ford. - Hot. Hot. Hot.


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