July 22, 2010

A Summer Sip

A few friends came over for a late afternoon visit and toddy a couple of nights ago, this is what I served.

I served mine in
stemless glasses (from Ikea, at $2.99 a pop, you don't cry when one breaks and the whole neighborhood can have a real glass) garnished with pineapple and mint. Now, although Elderflower French Liqueur might sound fancy and special, the real kicker was the ice. Ice can make or break a drink. Over our second or third one of these puppies we had a hilarious, long discussion about how ice is so very important to us southerners. We melt away most of the year, we rely heavily on the ice that cools down our drinks.

I picked up my ice at Sonic. You can get it through the drive through. It's like $2.52 for a 10lb bag. Yea yea, it's kind of embarrassing to serve such a beautiful drink on Sonic ice. I have no shame in spilling my little secret. This ice is THE BEST. It's small, crushed, it melts slower and it crunches so nicely.

PS. The bottle and packaging of St. Germain is a design junkie's dream. Navy blue is the classiest color. After obsessing over this box, I want to my house to be ecru, seafoam green, gold and navy blue.

What's your go-to summer sip?

July 19, 2010

Around here.

A couple of beautiful things around here.

1. My friend came over to help me stay sane organized. My armoire is nice and tidy! With the exception of some stacks of tear-outs that still need to be sorted. I can see the wood of my desk dining table for the first time in many weeks.

2. Caladiums like shade. My front porch is pretty shady.

Cool Off.

If these colors aren't enough to keep you cool this summer..I'm not sure what will. Dreamy. Listen to this while staring into this image. Now, go get a cup of coffee before you fall asleep. Happy Monday July 19th, how is already July 19th?
July 14, 2010

Feeling Girly

As a designer I like to absorb everything I see as inspiration, all the time. I came across these beautiful wedding photos and thought the colors would be beautiful in a feminine bedroom.

Images: here, here, here.
July 7, 2010

White Space

I love clean white space. How nice are these?

This is the work of Kathleen Clements Design, isn't it gorgeous? I really love the simplicity, clean lines and minimal color. Which is odd for me because I usually love color. The room above was featured in Elle Decor this month, the owners of the house are a young New Orleans couple. I went crazy for it. I adore that Vintage Turkish Kilim rug, so much that I've been searching for one like it ever since for one of my projects. I loved that this refreshing, clean look was found in New Orleans, it was a huge surprise! It wasn't over-the-top glam, French, feminine, frou-frou, too much detail like New Orleans style can typically be. Show me more Mrs. Clements!!!

July 1, 2010

Love List Library

Looking for a summer read? Need a new band to follow? Check out Jessica's Love List Library where designers and bloggers list their favorite books/movies/music of the moment. You can check out my suggestions here!

An Iron Man + Perfect House

Hey Folks! Sorry I've been so MIA. With new clients and traveling, things are pretty busy. Last weekend Tim and I went to Idaho so he could participate in an Ironman Triathlon. It was crazy. 140.6 miles of swimming, biking and running. 14.5 hours later, we were able to breathe again once he crossed the finish line! This whole journey has been 52 weeks in the making, he signed up for it exactly one year ago. These things sell out the day they open registration online. Serious commitment. Serious dedication and the whole experience was so inspiring. But I've been exhausted ever since! Just watching it for 15 hours was exhausting. Boy were we proud, relieved and thrilled when it was over!

Last night I poured myself a massive glass of NZ sav, ran a bath and cracked open Elle Decor July/Aug. Boy it was a good one. This image is single handedly one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.

Some other beautiful images of this home...

I'm obsessed, with the whole house. So gorgeous. No surprises there, it's owned by John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross of Dransfield & Ross. It was just the kinda pick me up I needed this week to get back into the swing of things!


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