January 26, 2011

Navajo and peeps I like

don't mind that nasty gray carpet and red lines of some odd duct tape.
I keep touching on Navajo. NO likes some nav too.
I scored this little guy a couple of weeks ago. I am going to have it at Urban Market, but if it doesn't sell I'll gladly welcome it into our little house. I'll save it for a future daughter's room. It's so M.W. - preppy/ethnic/modern/awesome. My little rug is going for a lot lot lot less than what Madeline's getting for some of hers up in the big apple at mecca abc. I would love to see it at the end of a little girls bed, as an upholstered top on a super cool bench, in a little hallway or kitchen on the floor. Possibilities are endless.

More on this Navajo trend, the other day I was at Matt Camron visiting with my buddy Bobak, and he showed me these awesome new custom Navajo Dhurries. I was obsessed! They look amazing in person. You can custom design your size/colors/pattern. Amazing. My friend Sarah writes the Matt Camron blog..check it out!

Also huge thank yous to my peeps Nero & the girls over at Covet Living for the shout outs and recent blog awards...y'all are so fun!


Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Hey Girl,

I'm a bit of a Navajo ho too -- hehehe.

Hope to make it to UM.
As of now our Egypt trip is off, so you'll have to come over for coffee soon ;)

Oh and btw, shout-outs well deserved.
Cheers, Alcira


kcinteriors said...

I LOVE me some navajo. I hope a find a client in need of some navajo - thanks for the great resource!!


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